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Ask Jesus to make you a saint. After all, only He can do that. Go to confession regularly and to Communion as often as you can — Dominic Savio

I am not capable of doing big things, but I want to do everything, even the smallest things, for the greater glory of God. — Dominic Savio

I can't do big things, but I want everything to be for the glory of God. — Dominic Savio

Nothing seems tiresome or painful when you are working for a Master who pays well; who rewards even a cup of cold water given for love of Him. — Dominic Savio

The future will be resplendent, and an untold number of souls will be saved, but on one condition: that your sons be devoted to the Blessed Virgin. — Dominic Savio

I need nothing in this world in order to be happy. I only need to see Jesus in heaven, Whom I now see and adore on the altar with the eyes of faith. — Dominic Savio

Mary, I give you my heart. Always keep it yours. Jesus, Mary, always be my friends. I beg you, let me die rather than be so unfortunate as to commit a single sin. — Dominic Savio

If I can succeed in saving only a single soul I can be sure that my own will be saved. — Dominic Savio

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