I remember to breathe throughout the day. I remind myself that I can choose peace, no matter what is going on around me. Whenever I desire, I can retreat to that quiet place within simply by closing my eyes.

โ€” Doreen Virtue

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Every relationship has a spiritual purpose that helps us grow and become stronger. Sometimes, our most challenging relationships bring the greatest personal blessings. From them we learn about forgiveness, patience, and other virtues.


Angels are always with you. You're never alone, especially in your time of need. Listen in stillness for our guidance, which comes upon wings to your heart, mind, and body. Our messages always speak of love.


Angels appear in many different forms to hold your hand through the difficult times.


Call upon Angels to polish the jewels inside your thoughts and feelings, for within every fear or worry is a shining energy of love. Today be aware of your amazing power of manifestation. Know that in everything you think and feel, the entire universe is fully supporting you.


Never be afraid of failure or disappointment, because those are just temporary experiences on the path to your dreams coming true


Once you have a major success with assertiveness, you learn that it's a much healthier path than being a doormat to the insensitive folks. You gain respect for yourself, have more time for your priorities, and develop authentic and healthier relationships.


Anything that you fight with or struggle against grows larger.

You give power to lower energies by focusing upon them. You don't eliminate darkness by arguing with it. The only way to eliminate darkness is to turn on a light.


Allow yourself to be happy right now, even if outside circumstances seem imperfect. Waiting for everything to be "perfect" means delaying the happiness that you are meant to enjoy now. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy this very moment . . .now.


In addition to showing gratitude to others, place emphasis on showing gratitude to yourself


No matter where I am in the world or what's on my schedule, I begin each day by reading an inspirational book and then meditating and praying. I adopted this healthy habit many years ago to ensure that my first thoughts of the day were positive.


Feeling stuck or indecisive? Listen to your intuition and make a decision


Don't feel obligated to spend time with people who pull you off the path of your life purpose.


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Use each moment to make another's eyes sparkle and to warm a heart.


Boundaries are a part of self-care. They are healthy, normal and necessary


Who has time for toxic relationships? If someone isn't honoring your feelings, it's not a real relationship. If you feel drained after spending time with someone, that's a red flag!


Saying No gains you respect. When you say No, the other person may feel disappointed. But ultimately, they will respect you for taking good care of yourself. And most of all, you'll respect yourself because you are being true to yourself!


Every time you see someone in distress, you have the opportunity to work as a team with Heaven's angels. You become the channel for your angels to provide loving care to those in need.


The divisiveness could be really dangerous and it can create a lot of violence I think. So we have got to heal that by embracing that everybody wants the same thing and they are just going about it in different ways.


Even five minutes spent in silence will nurture and revive your soul and spirit.


You can work on healing, uplifting, and changing situations from a place of forgiveness, instead of from a place of resentment. Forgive yourself and everyone, and you are free!


Angels, please help me remember to direct blessings and prayers to everyone I meet today. Please send extra healing energy through me to all my relationships. I ask that each encounter I have bring gifts to everyone involved.


I take action in the direction of my dreams, passions, talents, and interests.

I know that I have a much-needed life purpose, which I embrace without delay. I focus only on today with respect to my goals, trusting that all of my tomorrows will work out well.


What seems to be a problem or block is often really a Blessing in Disguise


Focus your awareness on the Divine spark of crystal-white light, sparkling within the center of your stomach area. See or feel this white spark of light, shining like a pilot light within you. This is the spark of your true essence, your shining flame from God. Feel the warmth within you, filling you completely with love and peaceful energy.


Your angels are ALWAYS with you, every minute of every day.

You are never alone. You are always loved and watched-over.


Today I detach from other people's dramas.

I love them and pray for them. I am a role model of peace for them. But I no longer rescue them, or put my own needs last. It is my right to be happy and to help others as I feel lovingly guided instead from guilt or obligation. I respect my feelings and expect others to do so too. And so it is!


Take a moment to gather your thoughts about your situation and ask, "What would Love do?" Then channel that energy in your words and actions.


See yourself and others through the eyes of an angel and you will see a beautiful world that is light, bright, and hopeful.


I have learned from my own pain is that God's plan for all of us is peace.

Being a role model to peace, and spreading peace through being peaceful ourselves. It's about choosing peace instead of pain - this is the bottom line.


Surround yourself with positive people and situations, and avoid negativity.


I've always been an admirer of women who walk the line of being very feminine and powerful at the same time. That has always been my archetype because too many powerful women, I fend intimidating and frightening, and I never want to scare anybody. I want to be warm and cuddly and yet, powerful at the same time.


You see, when you're in love, you look for similarities with your beloved.

Since the root of all conflict is seeing differences between yourself and another, love truly seems to be the key to eliminating conflict.


Dear God, thank You for providing for all of my earthly needs.

I ask that You continue to guide me clearly to everything that I need to fulfill my mission and to be able to provide a safe and healthful life for myself and my loved ones. Amen.


When you stand up for yourself, you are standing up for everyone who will follow your positive example!


Forgive yourself for what you think you've done or not done.

At every moment, you had your reasons for all of your actions and decisions. You've always done the best that you could do. Forgive yourself.


Don't look too far in the future, don't worry about how you're going to have enough time or enough money or enough smarts; the "how?" is up to God. Just put your whole focus on this moment, doing this baby step at this moment; and then once you finish that one, God and the angels will give you the next assignment and so on and so forth.


The wind is a natural way to loosen and release dead leaves and branches, just as emotional and life-situation storms are opportunities for humans to release 'deadwood' and anything needing to be swept away.


Most people who are on a spiritual path realize their thoughts are crucial to their experiences. If you have negative thoughts, you draw and attract negative experiences to yourself. But knowing that and ruling your behavior by it can seem like two different things.


Your two guardian angels are always with you. The other angels come and go as we need them.


Because youโ€™re a creation of God, you reflect the Divine qualities of creativity, wisdom, and love.


Be a teacher. If someone is acting hurtful toward you, chances are high that they're doing the same to others. By speaking up and taking action, you are helping others who might be hurt from this person unless they are reigned in.


All thoughts create thought-forms. When you think about anything, an electrical impulse is released. Its charge gathers into a form that appears clairvoyantly like a soap bubble. The thought-form creates, manifests, and attracts that which is similar to it.


True friends are trustworthy angels.


What robs you from peace? Usually it's the so-called little things in life, like being late to work, or needing a parking place, or trying to find your glasses, your car keys when you are running out the door, those so called little stressors.


When everything seems to fall apart..that's when everything new you prayed for has room to enter your life.


I've learned, finally, how to balance work with having a personal life.

I had to separate my personal and my professional life but now that I only have loving people in my life my personal and professional life blend together.


Thought for Today: I dream big! I let go of any limitations on my imagination, and I give voice to my inner wisdom and creative impulses. I shed past fears and doubts, replacing them with courage and love. I nurture my future with the same care that I would give to a newborn baby.


Divine love always has been, and always will be, the answer that you seek.


Joy is all there is. The rest is a preoccupation of the ego, unworthy of your holy mind.

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