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  1. How blessings brighten as they take their flight.
  2. Procrastination is the thief of time.
  3. The love of praise, howe'er conceal'd by art,Reigns more or less, and glows in ev'ry heart.
  4. How poor, how rich, how abject, how august, How complicate, how wonderful, is man!... Midway from nothing to the Deity!
  5. Early, bright, transient, chaste as morning dew, She sparkled, was exhaled, and went to heaven.
  6. Leisure is pain; take off our chariot wheels; how heavily we drag the load of life!
  7. Where boasting ends, there dignity begins.
  8. Be wise with speed; a fool at forty is a fool indeed.
  9. Life is the desert, life the solitude, death joins us to the great majority.
  10. Our birth is nothing but our death begun.

Edward Young Short Quotes

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  • Unlearned men of books assume the care, As eunuchs are the guardians of the fair.
  • A friend is worth all hazards we can run.
  • Tomorrow is a satire on today, And shows its weakness.
  • Read nature; nature is a friend to truth.
  • The man that makes a character, makes foes.
  • Titles are marks of honest men, and wise; The fool or knave that wears a title lies.
  • He that's ungrateful has no guilt but one; All other crimes may pass for virtues in him.
  • By night an atheist half believes in God.
  • We rise in glory, as we sink in pride:Where boasting ends, there dignity begins.
  • By all means use some time to be alone.

Edward Young Quotes On Life

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At thirty, man suspects himself a fool;Knows it at forty, and reforms his plan. — Edward Young

We are all born originals - why is it so many of us die copies? — Edward Young

Less base the fear of death than fear of life. — Edward Young

Friendship's the wine of life: but friendship new... is neither strong nor pure. — Edward Young

Time flies, death urges, knells call, Heaven invites,Hell threatens. — Edward Young

All men think all men mortal but themselves. — Edward Young

We push time from us, and we wish him back; * * * * * * Life we think long and short; death seek and shun. — Edward Young

[The] public path of life Is dirty. — Edward Young

The chamber where the good man meets his fate Is privileg'd beyond the common walk Of virtuous life, quite in the verge of heaven. — Edward Young

He sins against this life, who slights the next. — Edward Young

Edward Young Quotes On Death

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But fate ordains that dearest friends must part. — Edward Young

An angel's arm can't snatch me from the grave; legions of angels can't confine me there. — Edward Young

Man maketh a death which Nature never made. — Edward Young

Virtue alone has majesty in death. — Edward Young

A death-bed's a detector of the heart. — Edward Young

Britannia's shame! There took her gloomy flight, On wing impetuous, a black sullen soul . Less base the fear of death than fear of life. O Britain! infamous for suicide. — Edward Young

We see time's furrows on another's brow, And death intrench'd, preparing his assault; How few themselves in that just mirror see! — Edward Young

As soon as we have found the key of life, it opens the gates of death. — Edward Young

The man who consecrates his hours by vigorous effort, and an honest aim, at once he draws the sting of life and Death; he walks with nature; and her paths are peace. — Edward Young

Who can take Death's portrait? The tyrant never sat. — Edward Young

Edward Young Quotes On Heart

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To leave a sting within a brother's heart. — Edward Young

Who, for the poor renown of being smart, Would leave a sting within a brother's heart? — Edward Young

Heaven's Sovereign saves all beings but himselfThat hideous sight,-a naked human heart. — Edward Young

Give me, indulgent gods with mind serene, And guiltless heart, to range the sylvan scene, No splendid poverty, no smiling care, No well-bred hate, or servile grandeur, there. — Edward Young

The first sure symptom of a mind in health Is rest of heart and pleasure felt at home. — Edward Young

Amid my list of blessings infinite, Stands this the foremost, 'That my heart has bled.' — Edward Young

Edward Young Quotes On Reflection

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How blessings brighten as they take their flight! — Edward Young

They only babble who practise not reflection. — Edward Young

A soul without reflection, like a pile Without inhabitant, to ruin runs. — Edward Young

Edward Young Quotes On Learning

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Some for renown, on scraps of learning dote, And think they grow immortal as they quote. — Edward Young

Much learning shows how little mortals know; much wealth, how little wordings enjoy. — Edward Young

Some, for renown, on scraps of learning dote, and think they grow immortal as they quote. — Edward Young

A dearth of words a woman need not fear; But 'tis a task indeed to learn to hear: In that the skill of conversation lies; That shows and makes you both polite and wise. — Edward Young

Edward Young Famous Quotes And Sayings

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Sense is our helmet, wit is but the plume; The plume exposes, 'tis our helmet saves. Sense is the diamond, weighty, solid, sound; When cut by wit, it casts a brighter beam; Yet, wit apart, it is a diamond still. — Edward Young

One to destroy, is murder by the law; and gibbets keep the lifted hand in awe; to murder thousands, takes a specious name, 'War's glorious art', and gives immortal fame. — Edward Young

There is something about poetry beyond prose logic, there is mystery in it, not to be explained but admired. — Edward Young

In an active life is sown the seed of wisdom; but he who reflects not, never reaps; has no harvest from it, but carries the burden of age without the wages of experience; nor knows himself old, but from his infirmities, the parish register, and the contempt of mankind. And age, if it has not esteem, has nothing. — Edward Young

Those who build beneath the stars build too low. — Edward Young

Like our shadows, our wishes lengthen as our sun declines. — Edward Young

Men may live fools, but fools they cannot die. — Edward Young

Where, where for shelter shall the guilty fly, When consternation turns the good man pale? — Edward Young

Affliction is a good man's shining time. — Edward Young

How poor, how rich, how abject, how august, how complicate, how wonderful is man! Distinguished link in being's endless chain! Midway from nothing to the Deity! Dim miniature of greatness absolute! An heir of glory! A frail child of dust! Helpless immortal! Insect infinite! A worm! A God! — Edward Young

What is a miracle?--'Tis a reproach, 'Tis an implicit satire on mankind; And while it satisfies, it censures too. — Edward Young

Each moment has its sickle, emulous Of Time's enormous scythe, whose ample sweep Strikes empires from the root. — Edward Young

Night, sable goddess! from her ebon throne, In rayless majesty, now stretches forth Her leaden sceptre o'er a slumbering world. — Edward Young

The man that blushes is not quite a brute. — Edward Young

As night to stars, woe lustre gives to man. — Edward Young

A God all mercy is a God unjust. — Edward Young

Tomorrow is the day when idlers work, and fools reform and mortal men lay hold on heaven. — Edward Young

Wishing, of all employments, is the worst. — Edward Young

When men once reach their autumn, sickly joys fall off apace, as yellow leaves from trees — Edward Young

Procrastination is the thief of time; year after year it steals, till all are fled, and to the mercies of a moment leaves the vast concerns of an eternal state. At thirty, man suspects himself a fool; knows it at forty, and reforms his plan; at fifty chides his infamous delay, pushes his prudent purpose to resolve; in all the magnanimity of thought, resolves, and re-resolves, then dies the same. — Edward Young

For her own breakfast she 'll project a scheme,Nor take her tea without a stratagem. — Edward Young

How science dwindles, and how volumes swell, How commentators each dark passage shun, And hold their farthing candle to the sun! — Edward Young

To frown at pleasure, and to smile in pain. — Edward Young

Wishing of all employments is the worst. — Edward Young

'T is impious in a good man to be sad. — Edward Young

Mine is the night, with all her stars. — Edward Young

Ocean into tempest wrought, To waft a feather, or to drown a fly. — Edward Young

Oh, how portentous is prosperity! How comet-like, it threatens while it shines. — Edward Young

Of man's miraculous mistakes, this bears The palm, "That all men are about to live." — Edward Young

They most the world enjoy who least admire. — Edward Young

Distinguisht Link in Being's endless Chain! Midway from Nothing to the Deity! — Edward Young

O! lost to virtue, lost to manly thought, Lost to the noble sallies of the soul! Who think it solitude to be alone. — Edward Young

None think the great unhappy, but the great. — Edward Young

Some go to Church, proud humbly to repent, And come back much more guilty than they went: One way they look, another way they steer, Pray to the Gods; but would have Mortals hear; And when their sins they set sincerely down, They'll find that their Religion has been one. — Edward Young

And all may do what has by man been done. — Edward Young

In an active life is sown the seed of wisdom... And age, if it has not esteem, has nothing. — Edward Young

Inhumanity is caught from man, From smiling man. — Edward Young

Tomorrow is the day when idlers work, and fools reform. — Edward Young

There is nothing of which men are more liberal than their good advice, be their stock of it ever so small; because it seems to carry in it an intimation of their own influence, importance or worth. — Edward Young

Body and soul, like peevish man and wife, United jar, and yet are loth to part. — Edward Young

Final Ruin fiercely drives Her ploughshare o'er creation. — Edward Young

There buds the promise of celestial worth. — Edward Young

An undevout astronomer is mad. — Edward Young

The booby father craves a booby son, And by Heaven's blessing thinks himself undone. — Edward Young

Souls made of fire, and children of the sun, With whom revenge is virtue. — Edward Young

A prince indebted is a fortune made. — Edward Young

Time destroyed Is suicide, where more than blood is spilt. — Edward Young

If we did but know how little some enjoy of the great things that they possess, there would not be much envy in the world. — Edward Young

The blood will follow where the knife is driven, The flesh will quiver where the pincers tear. — Edward Young

Nothing in Nature, much less conscious being, Was e'er created solely for itself. — Edward Young

Life's cares are comforts; such by Heav'n design'd; He that hath none must make them, or be wretched. — Edward Young

The bell strikes one. We take no note of time But from its loss. — Edward Young

A tardy vengeance shares the tyrant's guilt. — Edward Young

This vast and solid earth, that blazing sun, Those skies, thro' which it rolls, must all have end. What then is man? The smallest part of nothing. — Edward Young

Blest leisure is our curse; like that of Cain, It, makes us wander, wander earth around, To fly that tyrant Thought. As Atlas groan'd The world beneath, we groan beneath an hour. — Edward Young

'T is greatly wise to talk with our past hours, And ask them what report they bore to heaven. — Edward Young

Some wits, too, like oracles, deal in ambiguities, but not with equal success; for though ambiguities are the first excellence of an imposter, they are the last of a wit. — Edward Young

A land of levity is a land of guilt. — Edward Young

Let no man trust the first false step of guilt; it hangs upon a precipice, whose steep descent in last perdition ends. — Edward Young

Joys season'd high, and tasting strong of guilt. — Edward Young

Narcissus is the glory of his race: For who does nothing with a better grace?. — Edward Young

Groan under gold, yet weep for want of bread. — Edward Young

Ah! what is human life? How, like the dial's tardy-moving shade, Day after day slides from us unperceiv'd! The cunning fugitive is swift by stealth; Too subtle is the movement to be seen; Yet soon the hour is up--and we are gone. — Edward Young

Man wants little, nor that little long. — Edward Young

Thy purpose firm is equal to the deed:Who does the best his circumstance allowsDoes well, acts nobly; angels could no more. — Edward Young

Men before you have quit smoking - you can too! — Edward Young

And can eternity belong to me, Poor pensioner on the bounties of an hour? — Edward Young

Time elaborately thrown away. — Edward Young

What is revenge but courage to call in our honor's debts, and wisdom to convert others' self-love into our own protection? — Edward Young

Life Lessons by Edward Young

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  1. Edward Young's poetry often focused on the idea of mortality, encouraging readers to make the most of their lives and cultivate a sense of gratitude for the time they have.
  2. He also emphasized the importance of pursuing one's passions, as he believed that the only way to truly find fulfillment was through pursuing one's dreams.
  3. Finally, Young's work also highlighted the importance of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity, as he believed that it was essential to keep striving for one's goals despite any setbacks.

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