I, Woman, am that wonder-breathing rose That blossoms in the garden of the King.

— Elsa Barker

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There is no death where the inner light shines, irradiating the fields of the within -- the beyond -- the unattainable attainment. You know where to find me.


When I put out to sea, I do not offer advice to the skipper about the management of the ship.


Eternity is a circle, a serpent that swallows its own tail.


Only in the stillness of detachment can the soul yield up her secrets.


There is almost no limit to the possibilities of the imagination, but to get the full power of it, one must trust one's imagination. If you say to yourself constantly, as the mother says to the child, 'But this is only play; this is not real,' you never can make real the things you have created in thought.


Our minds are the most mysterious things about us.


He who knows Love becomes Love, and he knows All beings are himself, twin-born of Love.


I wish you could arrange your life so as to have a little more leisure.

I do not want you to be lazy, but the passive conditions of the mind are quite as valuable as the active conditions.


The solving of almost every crime mystery depends on something which seems, at first glance, to bear no relation whatever to the original crime.


Watch for the high tides of yourself and flow up with them;

when the inevitable low tides come, either rest or meditate. You cannot escape rhythm. You transcend it by working with it.


The art of detection is finding a common denominator for the fractions of a case.