Faith is not a question of the existence or non-existence of God. It is believing that love without reward is valuable.

— Emmanuel Levinas

The most courageous Emmanuel Levinas quotes to discover and learn by heart

I will say this quite plainly, what truly human is -and don't be afraid of this word- love. And I mean it even with everything that burdens love or, i could say it better, responsibility is actually love, as Pascal said: 'without concupiscence' [without lust]... love exists without worrying being loved.


Of course we do not live in order to eat, but it is not really true to say that we eat in order to live; we eat because we are hungry. Desire has no further intentions behind it... it is a good will.


A miracle entails a degree of irrationality-not because it shocks reason, but because it makes no appeal to it.


Memory as an inversion of historical time is the essence of interiority.


What could an entirely rational being speak of with another entirely rational being?


The very relationship with the other is the relationship with the future.


Politics is opposed to morality, as philosophy to naïveté.


For others, in spite of myself, from myself.


If one could possess, grasp, and know the other, it would not be other.