It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows.

— Epictetus

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It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters.


It is impossible to begin to learn that which one thinks one already knows.


Any person capable of angering you becomes your master.

Epictetus quote First say to yourself what you would be;

First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.


Happiness and freedom begin with a clear understanding of one principle: Some things are within our control, and some things are not. It is only after you have faced up to this fundamental rule and learned to distinguish between what you can and can't control that inner tranquility and outer effectiveness become possible.


First learn the meaning of what you say, and then speak.


There is only one way to happiness and that is to cease worrying about things which are beyond the power of our will.

Epictetus quote The key is to keep company only with peo

The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.


When you are offended at any man's fault, turn to yourself and study your own failings. Then you will forget your anger.


I have to die. If it is now, well then I die now; if later, then now I will take my lunch, since the hour for lunch has arrived - and dying I will tend to later.


Don't be concerned with other people's impressions of you.

They are dazzled and deluded by appearances. Stick with your purpose. This alone will strengthen your will and give your life coherence.

Epictetus quote If you wish to be a writer, write.

If you wish to be a writer, write.


The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best.


We have two ears and one mouth so we may listen more and talk the less.


If someone speaks badly of you, do not defend yourself against the accusations, but reply; "you obviously don't know about my other vices, otherwise you would have mentioned these as well

Epictetus quote He is a wise man who does not grieve for

He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.


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Neither should a ship rely on one small anchor, nor should life rest on a single hope.


First say to yourself what you would be; and then do what you have to do.


If evil be spoken of you and it be true, correct yourself, if it be a lie, laugh at it.


No greater thing is created suddenly, any more than a bunch of grapes or a fig.

If you tell me that you desire a fig, I answer you that there must be time. Let it first blossom, then bear fruit, then ripen.


Keep your attention focused entirely on what is truly your own concern, and be clear that what belongs to others is their business and none of yours.


Freedom and happiness are won by disregarding things that lie beyond our control.


As you think, so you become.....Our busy minds are forever jumping to conclusions, manufacturing and interpreting signs that aren't there.


He who laughs at himself never runs out of things to laugh at.


We should not moor a ship with one anchor, or our life with one hope.


What matters most is what sort of person you are becoming.

Wise individuals care only about whom they are today and who they can be tomorrow.


It is difficulties that show what men are.

For the future, in case of any difficulty, remember that God, like a gymnastic trainer, has pitted you against a rough antagonist. For what end? That you may be an Olympic conqueror; and this cannot be without toil.


People are not disturbed by things, but by the view they take of them.


It's so simple really: If you say you're going to do something, do it.

If you start something, finish it.


Be careful to leave your sons well instructed rather than rich, for the hopes of the instructed are better than the wealth of the ignorant.


Only the educated are free.


The essence of philosophy is that a man should so live that his happiness shall depend as little as possible on external things.


Know, first, who you are, and then adorn yourself accordingly.


Keep silence for the most part, and speak only when you must, and then briefly.


Authentic happiness is always independent of external conditions.


The greater the difficulty the more glory in surmounting it.

Skillful pilots gain their reputation from storms and tempests.


In trying to please other people, we find ourselves misdirected toward what lies outside our sphere of influence. In doing so, we lose our hold on our lifes purpose.


The soul's impurity consists in bad judgements, and purification consists in producing in it right judgements, and the pure soul is one which has right judgements, for this alone is proof against confusion and pollution in its functions.


No great thing is created suddenly.


When we blather about trivial things, we ourselves become trivial, for our attention gets taken up with trivialities. You become what you give your attention to.


Freedom is not procured by a full enjoyment of what is desired, but by controlling the desire.


A wise man is he who does not grieve for the thing which he has not, but rejoices for those which he has.


Freedom is the right to live as we wish.


Freedom is the only worthy goal in life.

It is won by disregarding things that lie beyond our control. Stop aspiring to be anyone other than your own best self: for that does fall within your control.


Renew every day your conversation with God: Do this even in preference to eating. Think more often of God than you breathe.


Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems


Make the best use of what is in your power, and take the rest as it happens.


We can't control the impressions others form about us, and the effort to do so only debases our character.


Suffering arises from trying to control what is uncontrollable, or from neglecting what is within our power.


Difficulties are things that show a person what they are.


Wealth consists not in having great possessions, but in having few wants.


When something happens, the only thing in your power is your attitude toward it;

you can either accept it or resent it.


Nothing truly stops you. Nothing truly holds you back. For your own will is always within your control.