It's the time to make choices you can be proud of. It's the time to be the best version of yourself and in the process, somewhere along the way hopefully you attract the best version someone else has to offer. The more you challenge yourself, the higher your expectations become for your life and the people you want to have in it.

— Erin Foster

The most passioned Erin Foster quotes to get the best of your day

Happiness is about being proud of who you are.

Be a good friend, be a good daughter, be reliable, be willing to laugh when things get tough, compliment other girls, care about your job, believe in yourself, be vulnerable, tell the truth, apologize when needed, forgive people...


Stay neurotic. Stay frustrated. Stay emotional. Stay excited. Your life is happening.


As a woman, you're not limited to being one thing or the other.

You can be feminine and sexy and beautiful and hot and funny.


You don't have the bug, so go do what makes you happy.