We have within us, a power that is greater than anything we shall ever contact in the outer, a power that can overcome every obstacle in our life and set us safe, satisfied and at peace, healed and prosperous, in a new light, and in a new life.

— Ernest Holmes

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Spirituality is natural goodness. God is not a person; God is a presence personified in us. Spirituality is not a thing; it is the atmosphere of God's Presence, goodness, truth, and beauty.


I am guided by the same intelligence and inspired by the same imagination which scatters the moon beams across the waves and holds the forces of nature in it's grasp.


But we are born to be happy, to be abundantly supplied with every good thing, to have fun in living, to consciously unite with the Divine Power that is around us and within us, and to grow and expand forever.

Ernest Holmes quote Change your thinking, change your life.

Change your thinking, change your life.


Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.


Love is within us. It cannot be destroyed. It can be ignored. To the extent that we abandon love we will feel it has abandoned us. Denying love is our only problem, and embracing it is the only answer. Through the power of love, we can let go of past history and begin again. Love heals, forgives, and makes whole.


Prepare your mind to receive the best that life has to offer.


Peace comes from the absence of fear, from a consciousness of trust, from a deep, underlying faith in the absolute goodness and mercy, the final integrity of the universe in which we live, and of every cause to which we give our thought, our time and our attention.


So plastic is mind, so receptive, that the slightest thought makes an impression upon it. People who think many kinds of thought must expect to receive a confused manifestation in their lives. If a gardener plants a thousand kinds of seeds, he will get a thousand kinds of plants: it is the same in mind.


Just what is meant by 'your word?' It means your conscious intention, your conscious direction, your conscious faith and acceptance that, because of what you are doing, the Power of Spirit will flow through your word in the direction you give It.


The person who is to succeed will never let his mind dwell on past mistakes.

He will forgive the past in his life and in the lives of other people. If he makes a mistake he will at once forgive it.


Never limit your view of life by any past experience.


I live in the faith that there is a Presence and Power greater than I am that nurtures and supports me in ways I could not even imagine. I know that this Presence is All knowing and All Power and is Always right where I am


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Too often, our minds are so burdened because of the mistakes we have made that we do not take the time to forgive ourselves and others and start over again.


Stop trying, stop struggling; begin to be calm, to trust in the higher laws of life, even though you do not see them; they are still there.


Instead of dwelling on negative thoughts, cause your mind to dwell on peace and joy.


Borrowing knowledge of reality from all sources, taking the best from every study, Science of Mind brings together the highest enlightenment of the ages.


Heaven is within us, and we experience it to the degree that we become conscious of it.


You are more than you appear to be - Life is greater than you have ever known it - The best is yet to come.


Life is not just something to be endured.

It is to be lived in joy, in a fullness without limit (p.82)


God is all there is - God includes everything, all possibility and all action, for Spirit is the invisible essence and substance of all form.


Drop all negative thoughts from the mind.

Do not dwell on adversity but think plenty into everything, for there is power in the word. Meditate on the things you are doing as being already done - complete and perfect.


The thought of judgment, criticism and condemnation must, in time, operate against the one who sets it into motion.


It is done to you as you believe.


We cannot lead a choiceless life. Every day, every moment, every second, there is a choice. If it were not so, we would not be individuals.


A realization of the Presence of God is the most powerful healing agency known to the mind of man.


We are born to create, and we can't help it. Why is that? Because God, the great Creator, is in us.


We are chemists in the laboratory of the Infinite. What, then shall we create?


I am a gift of joy that God gives to a wonderful world.


The road to freedom lies not through mysteries or occult performances, but through the intelligent use of natural forces and laws.


..Whoever dewlls on beauty tends to become beautiful; there will be a grace and charm to expressing itself through that person which no one can fail to recognize and appreciate.


With a penetrating vision you can dissipate the obstruction, remove the obstacle, dissolve the wrong condition.


A constant realization of the presence of Spirit will provide a sense of Divine Companionship that no other attitude could produce.


Change your thinking, change your life.


Where the mind goes energy flows.


The universe must exist for the self-expression of God and the delight of God.


The great spiritual geniuses, whether it was Moses, Buddha, Plato, Socrates, Jesus, or Emerson..... have taught man to look within himself to find God.


As you discover your daily good, and believe in it, and think about it, expect it to continue.


The Divine Plan is one of Freedom. The inherent nature of man is ever seeking to express itself in terms of freedom, because freedom is the birthright of every living soul.


If the philosophy of Christianity were lived, wars would cease, unhappiness would cease, economic problems would be solved, poverty would be wiped from the face of the earth, and man's inhumanity to man would be transmuted into a spirit of mutual helpfulness.


Through the art of affirmative prayer the limitless resources of the Spirit are at my command. The power of the Infinite is at my disposal.


A state of expectancy is a great assetl;

a state of uncertainty-one moment thinking "perhaps" and the next moment thinking "I don't know"-will never get desired results.


Nothing is too good to be true.


We may stumble, but always there is that eternal voice, forever whispering within our ear, that thing which causes the eternal quest, that thing which forever sings and sings.


If you wish to know the truth about your business or your profession, know that it is an activity of good. It is an activity of your partnership with the infinite.


To believe in a just law of cause and effect, carrying with it a punishment or a reward, is to believe in righteousness.


When prayer removes distrust and doubt and enters the field of mental certainty, it becomes faith; and the universe is built on faith.


But even in the Christian religion, much of its real meaning is hidden by words that are misleading and symbols that but few understand.


Wait for the idea. It may not come at first, but you must be patient, never doubting, waiting in faith. It will come.


We are continuously living a new life, and when the old and the new do not fit nicely together, the old - no longer able to contain the new - should be discarded.