To me the arcade experience is the ultimate gaming experience.

— Eugene Jarvis

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I was originally going to become a biochemist, but it just got way too complicated.


I'm an action player. I like to be aggressive. I don't like to be on the run. I like to feel like I have the fates in my hands and that through my skill or lack thereof I control my fate.


I got interested in computers and how they could be enslaved to the megalomaniac impulses of a teenager.


I did the original Robotron game back in 1982.

To me it's still one of the classic 2D games as far as action and decisions per second, and kills per second, and explosions per second. It's super-frenetic and totally involving. There's been a lot of games since, a lot of Robotron sequels. A lot of them haven't even captured the magic of Robotron, much less moving things forward.


The only legitimate use of a computer is to play games.


Video games are ubiquitous now.


Probably the greatest thing working in games is watching someone enjoy your game and to think, "Wow I had a part in giving someone that enjoyment".


I think managers have realized that most software people are slightly brain damaged, that they're off on their own planets.


Money can be made later, but time is lost forever.


In video you are starting with nothing but a black screen.

There's no game there. With pinball you at least start with that basic concept, but not with video. The challenge of going from no game to something today is only different because you have to create something so damn fun people will pay $1.00 every two minutes to play it.

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