Quotes by Scottish Musician Evelyn Glennie

Music really is our daily medicine. Evelyn Glennie

If we see someone in a wheelchair, we assume they cannot walk. It may be that they can walk three, four, five steps. That, to them, means they can walk. Evelyn Glennie

Hearing is a form of touch. You feel it through your body, and sometimes it almost hits your face. Evelyn Glennie

The thing about playing percussion is that you can create all these emotions that can be sometimes beautiful, sometimes really ugly, or sometimes sweet, sometimes as big as King Kong and so on. And so there can be a real riot out there, or it can be so refined. Evelyn Glennie

Anything you strike, anything you shake or rattle, or just anything that can be picked up, and you can create a sound. Evelyn Glennie

I suppose I don't hear things, but I listen, if you know what I mean. And there is a big difference between hearing and listening. So it's like a conversation, you know. When you speak to someone, it's one on one, and that's exactly how I play. Evelyn Glennie

Before my teen years, I was losing my hearing pretty quickly, and I was getting very, very angry. I was beginning to become an angry person because of that. Evelyn Glennie
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Music is about communication... it isn't just something that maybe physically sounds good or orally sounds interesting; it's something far, far deeper than that. Evelyn Glennie

Once you're in a particular country, and you're surrounded by musicians who are so adept at traditional music, you suddenly realize how much there is to explore and digest and learn and experience. Evelyn Glennie
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I walk into a kids' store, and it's amazing, the types of instruments - little squeaky things, rattling things, spinning tops. Evelyn Glennie

Concerts have to be seen as a real event for which the aim is to try and feed everybody. Evelyn Glennie
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Percussion is the most adaptable family of instruments. The biggest challenge is to project percussion in a lyrical way. Evelyn Glennie

I didn't decide to become a musician until the age of 15, which is quite late. Evelyn Glennie
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Percussion is physical, as most instruments are. The body must function well in order to play the instruments well. Last year I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Evelyn Glennie
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There are many collaborations I'd like to explore. One is to co-write a rap concerto with Eminem. Evelyn Glennie

I've kept a diary since I was 11. Evelyn Glennie
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I often play on the cello-bass side of the orchestra, because I prefer the deep sounds. I can't hear the violins well. Evelyn Glennie
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My favorite instrument is the snare drum. In Scotland, the snare drum is very prominent in Highland bands. The Scottish style of playing is in my blood. It's a very powerful instrument, but it can also be soothing, like velvet. It's a real challenge for composers. Evelyn Glennie
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I think I can only help to expose percussion to all sorts of people. The balance between the lighter and more serious side is important. Evelyn Glennie

Apart from Scottish traditional music, I wasn't really influenced by any kind of music. I just basically followed my own instincts. Evelyn Glennie
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