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I have sat by night beside a cold lake And touched things smoother than moonlight on still water, But the moon on this cloud sea is not human, And here is no shore, no intimacy, Only the start of space, the road to suns.

— F. R. Scott

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There are two miracles in Canadian history.

The first is the survival of French Canada, and the second is the survival of Canada.

F. R. Scott

Do nothing by halves which can be done by quarters.

F. R. Scott

Only in time of peace can the wastes of capitalism be tolerated.

F. R. Scott

The world is my country, the human race is my race.

The spirit of man is my god, the future of man is my heaven.

F. R. Scott

Who is F. R. Scott?

F. R. Scott is a Canadian legal scholar
Nationality Canadian
Profession Poet
Born August 1, 1899
Quotes 5 sayings