If football was a drug, I would have died from overdose.

— Fernando Torres

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I always live in the present. I never dream about what might happen. Why? It might not.


I've always been a sad person. I'm a happy person too, but it's a thing in my brain or my spirit or something, I'm just sad and really acutely aware of mortality and loss.


The writing is therapeutic for me, it's an introverted process, I'm really inside my head. It's a really obsessive process. The live show, though, is the opposite. It's an extroverted process. It pushes me to connect with people, and so it pulls me out of my head and just pulls me out of myself.


When I retire, the only thing that concerns me is that no one can say that I was a bad team-mate or disrespectful or self-important.


Liverpool is a fundamental part of my life.

They don't remember me that way, but time will change that. I could not have chosen a better place to go when I left Atletico.


I was captain in Atletico at 19, playing in the same team as Demetrio Albertini, who won three Champions Leagues, and Sergi Barjuan from Barcelona, who had won everything, and they were 32, 33. I was a kid as captain, so I wasn't the real captain, just a kid learning from them.


I like changing my hairstyle, much to my mother's annoyance. It depends on my state of mind.


At Liverpool, I had almost everything but titles.

I felt like a king, but the team was falling apart.


Fitness is important, but the most important thing is how you adapt and the way you feel physically. To adapt to a new position. To try to change your game.


I guess just personally I've become a bolder person in my day-to-day.

I think a lot of it came from moving to Brooklyn. I just sort of became an adult and started speaking up for myself and not apologising for myself.


The songs can be dark, but the adrenaline doesn't really change, regardless of what it is I'm singing, I still have the adrenaline, it's still a high.


One of the reasons I chose to come to Liverpool was because of the mentality of the club. It's a working club and a working city. I don't know why but I feel like one of the people here. They recognise me and wish me luck but in Spain they surround you and you can't do anything. I think they're happy with me here.


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I want to say thanks to the Chelsea fans because I have seen them very, very happy with me for joining Chelsea.


My son is a Liverpool fan, and he was already kicking a ball before he was one.

He was born in the football city, he had no choice.


You have to know what club you are playing for, or you just play for yourself.

Every time I put on a Liverpool shirt, I know it is more than just a football game.


The live show allows me to transcend myself, because it's not about me anymore.

The writing process is very much about me but then the live show is not. They feel really different.


The Premier League is very difficult football and very different to when you play in Europe, but the player has to have experience to adapt, and this is the key point.


Madrid is not as big as London, but it is true when you are coming from a big city like Madrid, nothing is going to surprise you, and I am very happy to move to a city like London. It is a big city, and you can do everything you want with the respect that the English people always have.


Sometimes I'd like to have a conversation with a friend in a restaurant without feeling I'm being watched. At this rate I will have to go on holiday to Greenland. But maybe the Eskimos would know me.


When I get to connect with people, I'm not in my head anymore and I like that, that's nice.


Purpose without virtue is vanity.


The Champions League is a big ambition and all the footballers want to play in it. It is a very important competition.


My head is in Liverpool and on helping save our season.

I am professional and I always fulfil my deals. I haven't considered leaving, although in football that depends on the club.


Football is a team sport and not an individual sport.

We win as a team, and every individual is better if we are part of the team.


If I score against Liverpool I will not celebrate.


I know my statistics have not been the same as in other years but I'm fighting to get back to those statistics.


When you have a bad result, you want the next game to come as quickly as possible because a good result will make people forget about the bad result.


I don't know what to say about myself.

I don't know myself (laughs). People say my humility but I believe we're all humble in our own way. I try to stay close to my family and friends.


Living in Brooklyn it's a very fend-for-yourself place.

Maybe it's made me a little bit harsh but I don't consider that to be pejorative.


When you become an adult you just make that transition and you're right.

.. it's fun and exciting to be an adult and exciting to have independence, but once you're out from under the cover of your family's protection and love, you sort of have to take a step back and come to terms with the fact that you won't really ever have that again in the same way. You'll never be a kid again.


It's not easy to come somewhere new and have to find your place.

You might feel someone doesn't like you, or you might need to find new friends. It's not easy, and I don't like this kind of thing. It's not easy, so you want to protect the players who are alone.

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