I want a girl who looks good when she wakes up in the morning. We could take her face and dip it in dough and she'll make some nice-face cookies. Some girls wake up, man, you could put their face in dough and you'll get a gorilla cookie, for real!

— Flavor Flav

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One thing you can't do with babies, you can't give them steak.


I'm not doing no more 'Flavor of Loves.

' I'm trying to grow. I don't want to stay on the same page. You can't stay on the same page in order to get to the next chap.


So get up, get, get get down 911 is a joke in yo town


I lost my virginity when I was 6 years old.


If anyone wants to know what the definition of 'dope' means, it's: 'Definition of Public Enemy.


I have over a hundred clocks. I've got fancy clocks and clocks from all over the world that people made for me.


Best advice that I ever got is to do whatever it takes to make myself happy, so that I'll be able to make others happy. If I'm not happy, I can't make other people happy.


I just want to show the world it's never too late to get your diploma, and show kids they should stay in school and not wait until you're old to get it.


Definitely, I think I'm a life coach for real.

The lessons I give are lessons you can take to the bank.


What I'm trying to do is put back into rap music what's missing - which is the good part, the fun part, that party part.


I try and spend a lot of time with my kids.

I try and have fun with my kids. I try to put father time in there.


I set our house on fire when I was a little child playing with lighters.

Boy, did I burn the place down!


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I'm trying to grow. I don't want to stay on the same page.


When I was in jail, I was a lot of people's favorite person.

I practically ran the jail. I had more freedom than the police.


Honestly, Flav is not much of a video game player these days.

BUT, I used to spend hours on Time Crisis. I beat all levels, man.


The hype man's job is to get everybody out of their seats and on the dance floor to have a good time.


Back in the day, when the D.J. would be playing a record, Id be on the mic trying to hype up the crowd. So once Public Enemy became a rap group, I decided that thats the role that I wanted to take on. I wanted to be the one that was hyping, because Ive always been good at it. I can hype up any crowd.


The moments we have behind us, you won't be able to see again.

We're only responsible for what we live in right now.


I worked as a head cook at courthouses and high schools.

I left it behind when I started getting into my music real heavy.


I got a lot happening, a whole lot, and it's not always easy being me.


If I do look back, I'll say that I'm blessed.

I'm blessed, and I appreciate God for not only letting me live through everything, but to prosper.


Queen Latifah used to help me out with my kids, because while we were all out on tour - Public Enemy, Naughty By Nature, Queen Latifah, Heavy D - when Public Enemy went onstage, I didn't have anybody solid to watch my kids. So, Latifah would help me out.


Doing scripted acting is a challenge to me.

I can't remember things too good, so remembering lines is a challenge to your boy.


My parents owned a soul food diner. It inspired me to go to culinary school.


Since 1987, when I got my first one, I've been wearing a clock around my neck 24/7. You feel me? 24/7.


They claim we're products from the bottom of Hell, But the black is back, and it's bound to sell. Picture us coolin' out on the Fourth of July... And if you heard we were celebratin', that's a worldwide lie.


I ain't scared to do another dating show, but I ain't really trying to.

.. I've done enough dating on television. I'm ready to spread my wings, and go down other avenues.


I got my degree in culinary arts in 1978.


It was you that chose your due, You built a maze you can't get through.

I tried to help you all I can, Now I can't do nuttin' for you, man!


I'm a real big celebrity. I'm this megastar.


I look more to the future. That's where my head is at.