I still get so much fan mail addressed to Carol Brady, and I think a lot of it's through the Net. And I always answer it, if it's legible.

— Florence Henderson

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I live on a boat, which is in the midst of renovation.

I figure the good Lord will put me in the right place and hopefully I'll have the right clothes on. I think what we're going to do is bring the boat through the Panama Canal. My husband has always wanted to do that. So I think we'll do that and have the boat in Florida for the winter.


I started in live television and I've done a lot of live TV and that's really the thing that I love best. I love flying by the seat of my pants.


I'm familiar to people. They feel comfortable with me. I started in live television. I perform live all the time. I sing with the piano. I sing with a symphony. I can sit and ask questions. I can listen. I'm very comfortable in most situations.


It takes a lot of courage to be happy (after the death of a spouse), but I've got courage, so I think I will be happy again.


I'm a '70s mom, and my daughter is a '90s mom.

I know a lot of women my age who are real computer freaks.


I can't decide whether to commit suicide or go bowling.


I had four children. And my youngest when we started was like, oh, gosh, 2 or a little less. And sometimes my kids would say to me, you know, how come you don't scream at those kids on television like you do us?


My life has never been easy. It's like all the major events of my life have always been difficult.


When I first went to New York I was right out of high school, I was 17 years old, and I had never seen a building over two stories high.


I don't have to be logical - I'm a mother.


People often ask me what happened to my first husband? And I say, I killed him.


I have four of the most incredible children. And I have five grandchildren.


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