Frank Sinatra was very devoted to what it was he did. At the end of his life, what he had left - there have been accolades, mementos, festivals, superlatives, all that stuff. He's done movies, TV, done this, done that - what he had left was a love of his audience, and that kept him alive.

— Frank Sinatra, Jr.

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I have said my philosophy - I'm a backyard philosopher, I guess - is that the dirtiest word in the English language is "retirement."


For many, many years I wouldn't sing 'My Way.

' It seemed pretentious for me to sing [my father's] song 'My Way.' Now it must be in the show to help us tell the story.


This disease they call 'rap' - some kind of rhythmic pulse is going by, while some sociopathic idiot is belching out grade school poetry.


There is a man up in Philadelphia, I've known him for 50 years now, his name is Sid Mark. He does a radio program featuring Frank Sinatra music exclusively - one show for decades, "Friday with Frank," "Saturday with Sinatra," "Sunday with Sinatra," for decades. This is something that is really quite important.


There was a time in medieval England when they had wandering minstrels .

.. A wandering minstrel would have been Frank Sinatra's counterpart had he lived during the time of Henry II in 1190 or 1180.


Tony Bennett is still giving concerts, still singing.

It's keeping him alive. He's in his late 80s now and he keeps going and going. I maintain, God bless him, it's this devotion to duty and working and being in front his audience.


So what's happening with the audio/visuality, for the first time we are doing the music - the people who would come to the concert love the music - they loved him and loved his music - for the first time in concert it's not only the music. Now it's time to know the man. We know the music, but what was the man like?


I think in my generation, when I came along in the early '60s, the type of music that was in vogue in society in those days had moved on to another kind of music. I was trying to sell antiques in a modern appliance store.


A man once said when the legend gets bigger than the man, you've lost the man and you have an unrealistic picture.


It's the way of all flesh, you know. Aging takes its toll. Like I said, it's the way of all flesh. When the time came and he finally had to step down, the thing that kept him going disappeared.


I was able to put something back. I was able to be of help to [Frank Sinatra] when he needed my help - and he did need somebody's help.


Hopefully I never get hit with that stigma of being a novelty act.

Since [my father] death in 1998 I've been doing a program called Sinatra Sings Sinatra.


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For some years now, I've been doing a program called "Sinatra Sings Sinatra.

" It's been going on virtually since the end of '98. Nineteen ninety-eight was the year Frank Sinatra died. ... Now having reached what would have been his 100th year - I decided back in 2013 when we started to put all of this together, I decided what we should do was the first "Sinatra Sings Sinatra" in which we go audio visual.


When I came on board, it was halfway through his [Frank Sinatra] 72nd year, and when he did his last show he was gaining on 80. He knew it, the audience knew it, and there was never any attempt to conceal such a thing. His vision wasn't what it had once been. His hearing wasn't. His memory was fading. He knew these things. He was very much in need of help, and I was so happy to be able, in a small way, to render that help.


I've never heard of any one single artist being the subject in an ongoing series of radio programs for decades. Bearing this in mind, that's the kind of thing Frank Sinatra brings out in his audience, his followers. It's personally satisfying to me because his music by and large was the greatest quality of lyrics, melody, orchestration and, of course, his magnificent approach to telling a story.

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