The current fad in art, is to shock people or appear 'different'... My goal is to help people find the rays of sunshine in an often dark world.

— Gary Holland

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Every child is a deliberate, passionate creation of God.

If you doubt that, just look into their eyes. You will find a gentle little spirit who hungers for life - and for your love.


I wake up every morning excited. Rather than become complacent or overwhelmed, I've made a choice for life - and I can do something about it.


Creating art alone doesn't seem to fill us up, in my opinion, until we begin to truly communicate with it.


I endeavor to trigger positive, empowering, life-giving emotion - I believe art is that powerful.


I've never met an artist whose spirit didn't want to fly.


Art is about communication. Art that lasts through the ages works symbolically. It triggers feelings and experiences that we've all had.


I've come out of seeing death and chosen to focus on the life that's sprouting everywhere, like flowers. And I want to help feed the flowers.


It's not our art, but our heart that's on display.