I was in college for two years but I didn´t attend too much. Then I decided to drop out. I was having too many nightmares about failing in the exams.

— Gautam Adani

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Infrastructure sector is all about building assets for the country. It is part of nation building.


Mundra Port remains committed towards setting up of world-class port infrastructure and facilities in India.


The commencement of coal mining at Parsa Kente is a milestone event in coal mining sector.


I am not attracted to those politicians who are short on vision and only want to make money. I like those who have vision.


Every economic opinion is associated with a set of assumptions.


Modi government has not flouted any rule or regulation to help anyone.


My investment strategy, which is to focus on sectors that are a national priority for India, hasn't changed.


Investor confidence in Adani is fairly high, and most of our investors are long-term investors.

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