There are not enough Indians in the world to defeat the Seventh Cavalry.

— George Armstrong Custer

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I would be willing, yes glad, to see a battle every day during my life.


Hurrah Boys! Let's get these last few reds then head on back to camp. Hurrah!


I appeal to you as a soldier to spare me the humiliation of seeing my regiment march to meet the enemy and I not share its dangers.


Wild Bill was a strange character, add to this figure a costume blending the immaculate neatness of the dandy with the extravagant taste and style of a frontiersman, you have Wild Bill, the most famous scout on the Plains.


My purpose is to make my narrative as truthful as possible.


The Seventh can handle anything it meets.


You ask me if I will not be glad when the last battle is fought, so far as the country is concerned I, of course, must wish for peace, and will be glad when the war is ended, but if I answer for myself alone, I must say that I shall regret to see the war end.


There are far more statues of soldiers out there than there are of civilians.


If I were an Indian...I would greatly prefer to cast my lot among those of my people who adhere to the free open plains, rather than submit to the confined limits of a reservation.


Benteen, come on, big village, be quick. Bring packs.


Where did all these damn Indians come from?