And mo the merier is a Prouerbe eke. [The more the merrier.]

— George Gascoigne

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Full many wanton babes have I, Which must be stilled with lullaby.


The Raynbowe bending in the skye,Bedeckte with sundrye hewes,Is lyke the seate of God on hye,And seemes to tell these newes:That as thereby he promised,To drowne the worlde no more,So by the bloud whiche Christe hath shead,He will oure health restore.


In dance the hand hath liberty to touch, the eye to gaze, the arm for to embrace.


I thinke it not amisse to forewarne you that you thrust as few wordes of many sillables into your verse as may be: and hereunto I might alledge many reasons: first the most auncient English wordes are of one sillable, so that the more monasyllables that you use, the truer Englishman you shall seeme, and the lesse you shall smell of the Inkehorne.


Sing lullabie, as women do,Wherewith they bring their babes to rest;

And lullabie can I sing to,As womanly as can the best.


Suffiseth this to proove my theame withall,That every bullet hath a lighting place.


How sweet war is to such as know it not.