There's only 10 guys making big bucks in wrestling, and the rest of them they're making good money, but they're not blowing it away.

— George Steele

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There are a lot of young great athletes out there;

they're much better athletes than what we were. They're bigger, faster, stronger, unfortunately, there're fewer places to go.


The first time you went to the gym, to be trained and worked out, there'd be about four or five wrestlers, they'd take you to heavy calisthenics and then they beat the tar out of you... after you got tired. If you came back the next day they'd do the same thing. After about four days of you surviving this punishment, then maybe they might show you how to wrestle. That was to teach respect.


I never watched wrestling, I was never a fan of wrestling really.


I respect a lot of people I don't agree with.


Every area had their own superstar. The TV was not national, it was localized. So you could develop in one place, or the next place and be a better star, go to the next place and be a superstar.