The bagel is a lonely roll to eat all by yourself because in order for the true taste to come out you need your family. One to cut the bagels, one to toast them, one to put on the cream cheese and the lox, one to put them on the table and one to supervise.

— Gertrude Berg

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By some people the meal itself is a long delay between the appetizer and the dessert.


Borscht is more than a soup, it's a weather vane.

When my family says they want hot borscht I know winter is coming, and when they want cold borscht I know how far can spring be behind?


I'm a firm believer in anxiety and the power of negative thinking.


Some people have family crests, lions, tigers, unicorns, elephants - a whole menagerie - and if my family had a crest, you know what would be on it? A blintze. I mean it. All the good things in my life are measured in blintzes because by us it's not a party if there isn't a blintze.


So the legs are little short, the knees maybe knock a little but who listens?


It's such a corrosive chemical: fame.

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