A fragrance always combines femininity and sensuality.

— Gianfranco Ferre

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The white blouse can be light and floating, impeccable and austere, sumptuous and all-enveloping, tight and close-fitting. It rises up to frame the face. It sculpts the body by transforming itself into a second skin. Imputed with glamour and poetry, freedom and impetuousness, the prim white shirt turns out to have a thousand identities.


A fragrance is like a dress, an expression of personality.

It can be both erotic or powerful, or both, but it always combines femininity and sensuality.


The design of a dress, furniture, a house, a room, a street and a city are all the same process.


As an architect, I learned to think and express myself on flat forms, on paper, and to imagine the contour of the lines of a design.

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