I don't watch penalties in my hotel room. I watch naughty videos

ā€” Gianluigi Buffon

The most unconventional Gianluigi Buffon quotes to discover and learn by heart

The men can go away, the executives can go away, but what is really though in this society are the players who has been handed down the feel of winning, of being the absolute best, which isn't equal to any other team.


My worst vice is gluttony. I try to keep myself under control because I'm an athlete, but once a week I like to pig out and act like a normal person.


In recent times Italy have been in a World Cup final every 12 years and I hope to still be there in 2018.


You score goals as a kid. Then you grow up stupid and become a goalkeeper.


On the field I defend our colours, love our flag and sing our anthem.

I could not be more Italian than I am now.


I would say that I am having less sex now that Iā€™m playing in Serie B ā€“ there is more to think about in this division.