Leaving [from EU] will allow us to return real democratic control to important areas of national life; from international trade, the right to work and live in Britain to business regulation.

— Gisela Stuart

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I find it extraordinary that I'm being told I can't trust you the voter to get a government in to protect workers rights and that we need Brussels to defend you, the euro is a broken project we are going to pay, no you are going to pay out of your taxes one bailout out of another and the European union does not protect your jobs.


The only continent with a growth rate lower than Europe is Antarctica.


There is really quite an inherent danger in the traditional British view that the council of ministers and inter-governmentalism is your protection against the federalist superstate.


I know that strong trade unions and best supported by Labour Government actually protect worker's rights.


If this Constitution does not have the support of the people of Europe and on reflection is not deemed to signpost a structure of Europe of the twenty-first century, then we simply have to go back to the drawing board.