Some kids dream of joining the circus, others of becoming a major league baseball player. I have been doubly blessed. As a member of the New York Yankees, I have gotten to do both.

— Graig Nettles

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The more we lose, the more he'll fly in.

And the more he flies in, the better the chance there'll be a plane crash.


When I was a little boy, I wanted to be a baseball player and also join the circus. With the Yankees, I've accomplished both.


The best thing about being a Yankee is getting to watch Reggie Jackson play every day. The worst thing about being a Yankee? Getting to watch Reggie Jackson play every day


The key to beating the Dodgers is to keep them form hugging each other too much.


I always wanted to play baseball and join the circus. Now I have both.


People recognize me wherever I go, where it used to be just New York.

I guess people who aren't even baseball fans watch the World Series. I was driving down the freeway in Los Angeles over the winter and a guy pulled up next to me and gave me the finger.


It was the first time I used that bat.

A Yankee fan in Chicago gave it to me the last time we were there and said it would bring me luck. There's no brand name on it or anything. Maybe the guy made it himself. It had been in the bat rack, and I picked it up by mistake because it looked like the bat I had been using the last few days.


What the Yankees need is a second base coach.


Sparky Lyle went from Cy Young to Sayonara.