It's not about any one person. You've got to get over yourself and realize that it takes a group to get this thing done

— Gregg Popovich

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'Play the right way' means play unselfishly, respect each other's achievements, play hard, fulfill your role


We believe in people executing their role and caring about the team more than anything individually


I can't make every decision for you. I don't have 14 timeouts. You guys got to get together and talk


Basketball is a pretty simple game. What wins is consistency and competitiveness.


It's never been my goal to be king of the prom.

It's been my goal to do the right thing and get the job done.


I asked them if it wasn't too much trouble, if I wasn't being too pushy, if they could execute what we were trying to do. And if it didn't make them too angry, if they also wanted to play some defense on the other end, that would be great.


We would have two less championships here if it was not for Manu Ginobili.

In my eyes, he's the stud of the world.


Stop by stop by stop. Play aggressively. Sprint back on 'D' and pay attention to how we're supposed to guard as a team


You have to make shots to win basketball games and we didn't do that.

You also have to get back on defense, so it was a double-whammy.


I'm pleased that they performed as well as they did while we've been in Miami and that's about as far as it goes. Now, we've got to go home and play as well or better.


They won't choose Joakim Noah as the MVP, but I think it's great that he's in the conversation and he should be. But it's just not the way it works, from my experience. It's got to go in the basket for you guys to pay attention to somebody. But he's pretty damn valuable in my opinion.


I don't think we'll shoot 76 percent in a half ever again. That's crazy.


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No one is bigger than the team. If you can't do things our way, you're not getting time here and we don't care who you are


I try not to get impressed. I just try to look at what I see.


A reporter started off: "I know a lot of this is kind of speculation.

" Popovich interupting: "You're going to ask me anyway." Reporter: "And you're going to shoot it down." Popovich replied: "Next question."


Nothing. I was confused for two years. I didn't understand anything and I'm still confused.


Basketball's a game of mistakes.


The older you get the more you try to appreciate what you've accomplished.


In Phil's case, I was personally thrilled he came back, because I think it's huge for the league. When you think about what he's done and how many championships he's won, there's always drama when he comes back in.


I'm not one to blow smoke at my players.

They kicked our butts on the offensive boards. And it's not just because the ball came their way.


Timmy, he's the beginning of it. He doesn't have to be the end all the time now.


We changed our rules. If a player does not have some sot of altercation on or off the court once each month, we fine him...The guys that are our top four scorers, each of them will be required once every two months to appear on MTV. The guys who shoot the worst free throws over a one-month period, next time we have a TV game they're required to look into the camera and beat their chests after they make a good play.


The measure of who we are is how we react to something that doesn't go our way.