Has he some psychological antipathy to realism? I am no psychologist, and cannot say. The fact remains that Euwe commits the most inexplicable mistakes in thoroughly favorable positions, and that this weakness has consistently tarnished his record.

— Hans Kmoch

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The battle for the ultimate truth will never be won. And that's why chess is so fascinating.


The preparation for active rook play entails what is called the opening of lines, which largely depends on pawn play, especially on the proper use of levers.


Method rules his training, which blends the physical with the mental.

How many chess masters put in, prior to an important match, an allotted time daily to bicycling and shadow-boxing, followed by a cold douche and a brisk rub down?


And his six pawns were scattered like the ships of the Armada that should have conquered England; the Lord blew, and they were all isolated.

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