The greatest thing we can possibly gain from this life is the ability to love, and to love greatly.

— Harold Klemp

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Know that you are a spark of God and can exist fully only within the realization of that profound truth. As such, you are a light and inspiration to others.


You can’t make yourself closer to God by hating someone else, whether you believe it’s righteous anger or not. The relationship between Soul—which is you—and God is one of love. And where there’s pure love, there is no room for anger of any kind.


We are learning to work with intuition, which actually is Soul giving us gentle guidance to make our life better.


The journey home to God is what life is about.

In a sense it's not even a journey. It's an ongoing experience.


If you keep in mind that love and love alone is the reason for living, it will calm your heart and free you from your worries.


Before you can improve your life and find a measure of happiness, you must learn to do one thing every day out of pure love.


Love does not come to those who seek it, but to those who give love.

It is a binding force between souls who have nothing to give but themselves to one another.


Love Gratefully. This love expands your heart into a greater vessel which can hold yet more love.


Soul, a particle of God, is blessed with the gift of creative imagination, which finds a solution for every problem.


God's Love is always working to help Soul find its way back home


We must first give to life if we expect life to give anything in return. This is the divine law.


Most people think they are searching for truth when they are really searching for love


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We are personally responsible for our own state of consciousness.

As Soul unfolds toward total freedom, It understands total responsibility must be accepted for every thought and action.


The secret of a balanced life is to live each moment in the right spiritual frame of mind.


Very often, we are confronted by people who want us to pray their way or colleagues who want us to think their way. We must remember to maintain our individual relationship with God. We have the shining light of Soul, and because we have it, we also have the wisdom of God.


The window of heaven is what all truth seekers are trying to open.


Leaders when not leading are outcasts.


The real miracle is a man who can walk with God every day .

.. When a person walks with God, he finds joy in the everyday things he does. Gradually his life begins to expand.


The point of any religion should be this: how to open your heart to love.


The classic Soul Travel experience is leaving the human body in full awareness and having the Light and Sound of God flow directly into the Soul body.


Life is a stream of happy and unhappy experiences, because that leads to Soul's purification. How do you get by in the dark times? Try to give love to someone, especially then.


Love won't come through unless the heart is open.

To work with an open heart is to love or care for something or someone more than you do for yourself. This is the first step to the divine love that we all are looking for.


We love our dear ones deeply and miss them when they leave us.

But we know that the bond of love is greater than death.


You know your general purpose is to become a Co-worker with God.

So how do you identify your personal goal?


The choices you've made in the past are the direct cause of all your unhappiness today.


Abundance flourishes in a grateful heart; gratitude is the secret of love.


The real meaning of detached love is to let others exist without forcing our will upon them. That is spiritual love.


Contemplate sweetly on love, and the wisdom of God shall find you.


Dreams touch every level of our life.

They may let us glimpse the future, or give suggestions for healing, or share insights into our relationships. Above all, they can and will steer us more directly toward God.


What is the spiritual purpose of the arts? It is to learn structure.

Once an artist creates a true structure, then divine love can pour into it and make it a living thing of beauty.


Fill yourself with love. Then you will learn everything you ever need to know about God and life.


Every experience, waking or dream, has a lesson or message to impart to us.


All the help that comes to us is form the Holy Spirit, whether it comes in a dream or through the help of a friend or doctor. The trick is the discrimination you need: to tell what's good for you and what's not good for you. This comes by listening to your heart.


The experiences of life teach truth.


And where there's pure love, there is no room for anger of any kind.


Everyone wants to make good decisions.

But how do you know when you are being guided by the Eck (Holy Spirit) or the mind. If guided by the Eck (Holy Spirit), you are more likely to change your mind when new information comes along. You're quicker to admit that an earlier decision based on sketchy information needs to change.


Herein, lies the key to love. Love builds bridges. Soul exists because God loves It. Soul equals Soul; no one Soul is greater than another. Experience the greatest love of all.


Your state of consciousness today is not the same as it used to be or as it will be in two weeks or a couple of years from now.


When you do your best, you are expressing an attribute of God.


An individual's state of consciousness (awareness) simply means his ability to accept change in his life. It includes new thoughts and new feelings, and the new behavior and actions that will naturally come as a result.


Life is trying to teach us one thing: to see the Eck, Holy Spirit, in the eyes of all we meet. This means that those who have the enlightenment, or work themselves into it, have the ability to know that the Spirit of God is always with them. From then on they find peace and contentment and accept themselves without apology.


The movement of Soul beyond the human senses is such a natural process that one is likely to overlook it in its simplicity.


A solution exists for every challenge to our peace of mind.

There is always a way, somehow. What holds us back from happiness is our lack of faith in the mighty power of the Holy Spirit to address our most humble needs.


Whenever you're in doubt about any action, ask yourself: Is it true? Is it necessary? Is it kind? You can also ask, what would love do now?


An invitation is extended to any true seeker who wants to find for himself the Light and Sound of God. This treasure is the birthright of Soul that leads to the Kingdom of Heaven.


Earth allows several levels for Soul to gain experience in life, including the mineral, plant, fish, animal and human stages.


Only the brave and adventuresome find God, never the timid.


Every time you walk through a doorway today, whether at work or at home, know that on the inner planes you are walking through a doorway to heaven. An that is every doorway, as long as you recognise this in your consciousness.


In this world we are in precarious position, balanced midway between material and spiritual hungers. We find heaven to be a delicate state of consciousness that can be lost in a single moment of forgetfulness.

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