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Surely the vogue of those twisted and contorted human figures must be as short as it is artificial.

— Harriet Monroe

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Our little solos are a note in an immense chorus vibrating grandly through the universe, a chorus which accepts and harmonizes the whir of the cricket and the long drum-roll of the stars.

Harriet Monroe

"Look into thy heart and write!" is good advice, but not if interpreted to mean, "Look nowhere else!" The poet should know his world and, so far as his art is concerned, any kind of battering from his world is better than his own self-indulgent brooding.

Harriet Monroe

The people must grant a hearing to the best poets they have else they will never have better.

Harriet Monroe

Great ages of art come only when a widespread creative impulse meets an equally widespread impulse of sympathy . . .

Harriet Monroe

Who is Harriet Monroe?

Harriet Monroe is a American poet and editor
Nationality American
Profession Poet
Born December 23, 1860
Quotes 5 sayings