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  1. I know paradise has many gates, just as hell does. One has to learn to distinguish between them, or one is lost.
  2. People always leave traces. No person is without a shadow.
  3. Justice doesn't only mean that the people who commit crime are punished. It also means that we can never give up seeking the truth.
  4. I remembered her once saying that life was like your shoes. You couldn't simply expect or imagine that your shoes would fit perfectly. Shoes that pinched your feet were a fact of life.
  5. They pondered the importance of coffee in silence.
  6. It’s only when we can work with something that brings out our strengths that we’re of any real use.
  7. Police work wouldn't be possible without coffee.
  8. At the time of independence in 1975, Mozambique was extremely poor. Many Portuguese residents abandoned the country, leaving only a handful of well-educated Mozambicans to try to run the country.
  9. The stories I create are never as awful as reality.
  10. We used to send whole flocks of birds shooting out of our mouths and never managed to grab them by their wings.

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  • It was a clear, starry night, dead calm. Whenever I see a sky like that, I wish I could write music
  • You think you know everything about a person, but the truth often comes as a surprise.
  • You can have more than one home. You can carry your roots with you, and decide where they grow.
  • When someone asks me to list the 10 best novels ever written, I always refuse to answer.
  • One of the agonies of being an author is to know when to stop writing.
  • My mother did what many men do. She left.
  • We only have the past that we have. Not all of our deeds were incorrect.
  • Novels are . . . an unsurpassed form to understand people.
  • We don't have time to argue. Nobody has time.
  • Our exile organizations have been our way of replacing the cities and villages we have lost.

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Go to Mozambique! As long as you don't expect to find flawless infrastructure, just go. Because this is a country where people have not quite grown accustomed to tourists. You still feel a genuineness that no longer exists in countries where tourism has been industrially developed. — Henning Mankell

Society had grown cruel. People who felt they were unwanted or unwelcome in their own country, reacted with aggression. There was no such thing as meaningless violence. Every violent act had a meaning for the person who committed it. Only when you dared accept this truth could you hope to turn society in another direction. — Henning Mankell

I can still remember the miraculous feeling of writing a sentence, then more sentences, telling a story. The first thing I wrote was a one-page summary of Robinson Crusoe and I am so sorry I do not have it any more; it was at that moment I became an author. — Henning Mankell

Poverty always looks the same, no matter where you come across it. The rich can always express their opulence by varying their lives. Different houses, clothes, cars. Or thoughts, dreams. But for the poor there is nothing but compulsory grayness, the only form of expression available to poverty. — Henning Mankell

I am fascinated by all the new technology that creates places for us to meet in what is called cyberspace. I understand what it must have meant for the rebellions in the 19th century, especially in 1830 and 1848, when the mass circulated newspaper became so important for the spreading of information. — Henning Mankell

For me Oliver Twist is a political novel. It is a furious critique of the treatment of orphans and poor children who were forced to spend their early lives in ghastly institutions. — Henning Mankell

As a writer, I am an intellectual. I believe in the ideals of the Enlightenment, I believe in the written word, in dialogue and in truth. I hate lies more than anything else. Most of the time I react by writing. — Henning Mankell

Sweden is still a very peaceful country to live in. I think that people in Britain have created this mythology about Sweden, that it's a perfect democratic society full of erotically charged girls. — Henning Mankell

Police work wouldn't be possible without coffee," Wallander said. "No work would be possible without coffee." They pondered the importance of coffee in silence. — Henning Mankell

It struck me as I listened to those two men that a truer nomination (name) for our species than Homo sapiens might be Homo narrans, the storytelling person. What differentiates us from animals is the fact that we can listen to other people’s dreams, fears, joys, sorrows, desires and defeats–and they in turn can listen to ours. — Henning Mankell

Although I never marched through the streets shouting for Mao, I do believe that the liberation of China at the end of the 1940s was a wonderful thing and to provide its people with a billion pairs of shoes and trousers was a fantastic achievement. — Henning Mankell

‎Not having time for a person, not being able to sit in silence together with somebody, that's the same as rejecting them, as being scornful about them. — Henning Mankell

I do not understand how on earth you can become a writer without seeing the world. — Henning Mankell

When one historical period is replaced by another, there is always a group of people left over from the old society — Henning Mankell

I think my Wallander stories give a fairly good image of the world in the 1990s. I don't regret anything about that - on the contrary! — Henning Mankell

I am a very radical person - as radical now as I was when I was younger. So my books all have in common my search for understanding of the terrible world we are living in and ways to change it. — Henning Mankell

What annoys a person who suicides? The life itself. Boredom. Tiredness that descends on every morning when you look at yourself at the mirror. — Henning Mankell

An oppressed people will always rise. — Henning Mankell

I came to Mozambique in 1986, when I first became involved with Teatro Avenida - a theatre company that stages plays concerned with political and social issues. — Henning Mankell

Children get acquainted with each other in a special way, they do not make contracts as adults, they believe each other or not. Childish friendships often end in violence. You may become an enemy all of a sudden as well as notice that you are someone's best friend. — Henning Mankell

Every secret we confide in another person can be a burden to them — Henning Mankell

I can still remember. I was ill, and I was seven, and my father didn't want me to just read children's books. He came with Conan Doyle. I tried, and I liked it. I think the first I read was 'The Sign of the Four'; 'Study in Scarlet' was the next one. Then I guess I stayed home a few extra days from school to read. — Henning Mankell

When I was a very young author, I knew I needed to build myself a tower outside of Europe. Like when you're a hunter, and build towers to watch the animals move. I knew I would never understand the world without that perspective. I came to Africa for that rational reason, although I love Mozambique now. — Henning Mankell

Have I ever written anything that has really changed something? What I believe is that you can't change anything without using art. I believe that the drops wear away the stone. I try to be part of that army. — Henning Mankell

To grow up is to wonder about things; to be grown up is to slowly forget the things you wondered about as a child. — Henning Mankell

Many words will be written on the wind and the sand, or end up in some obscure digital vault. But the storytelling will go on until the last human being stops listening. Then we can send the great chronicle of humanity out into the endless universe. — Henning Mankell

I'm not very much of a reader really, because I find much of it very bad, very uninteresting, very speculative. — Henning Mankell

Dreams can be of value even if you don’t have an opportunity to turn them into reality. — Henning Mankell

The evil always comes from details. — Henning Mankell

Life is a flimsy branch over an abyss. — Henning Mankell

Certainly, I know what it's like to be obsessed. I haven't always been there for my children. They could reach me, but I wasn't always there. But, you know, that's not necessarily anything to do with being a writer. I mean, a taxi driver could have the same problem... Maybe. — Henning Mankell

I work in an old tradition that goes back to the ancient Greeks. You hold a mirror to crime to see what's happening in society. I could never write a crime story just for the sake of it, because I always want to talk about certain things in society. — Henning Mankell

Each person searches for the most beautiful jump which will be the final before leaving this world. — Henning Mankell

He was so excessively polite that Wallendar suspected he had endured many humiliations in his life. — Henning Mankell

Although many of his other novels are brilliant there is a power in 'Oliver Twist' that I believe Dickens never managed to retrieve. It is as if he was sent to this earth with the sole purpose of writing this book. — Henning Mankell

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  1. Henning Mankell's work emphasizes the importance of understanding the complexities of human behavior and the consequences of our actions.
  2. He teaches us the importance of empathy and justice, and how these values can be applied to everyday life.
  3. He also highlights the need to be aware of our own biases and to strive for a better understanding of the world around us.

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