True power and true happiness are when you use your success to make others around you feel even more significant.

β€” Hrithik Roshan

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Fitness begins with initiative and continues with consistency.

The six pack abs is a byproduct of being healthy.


The biggest superpower you can have is the ability to change your own life.

It’s in your hands, and if you believe that you can get the power you want, you can do whatever you wish to do.


Boy, I feel more and more undeserving each moment !!


The only time to take the step towards change is now.

Even if they're baby steps, start today! Consistency is important because you must make time to work on your goals. Even if there is little you can do, you must!


Pain is fuel for a fitter world


Life was tough for me. When I was a kid, nobody played with me because they thought I looked ugly with my extra thumb. It pained me. So once I thought of getting it surgically removed. But I didn't. Slowly, I realized that the exterior is not the criterion for love and success.


The more you practive overcoming your obstacles, the more you will welcome them & be unafraid.


Every once a week, I get up and feel that I cannot act any more.

I just get very unsure of myself. But, once I give my first shot, I'm back on track. Insecurity isn't bad, it makes me work harder.


It's not the skunk's fault that he's a skunk or that he gives off this really bad stink. If I am a skunk, I want to live as a skunk, I want to know what my truth is, to know the person I am without fear.


My family has been my biggest inspiration - they are true role models in my life and career and they always will be.


The formula for a successful film is simple: good script, good direction, a dedicated cast and a fantastic crew. If you have all of these elements then the rest will fall into place.


Good looks should never become a part of your internal character.


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I have been elevated to such a high status that the fall will be very steep.


It's not about Hollywood, it's always about a good script for me.


My career means the world to me and it's something I'm very proud of.


Where there's a chase or whatever, it's not being thrust into it.


As professional actors, it's our job to entertain our audiences while setting benchmarks for ourselves as well, creatively and intellectually.


What makes you good looking is how you are expressing yourself and that comes from how you are interpreting life.


You know, we love to categorise or label everything in our lives: people, movies. But I think that those are just the decorations. They, of course, work. They're great, but that's not the thrust of the film.


To not care about how you look will make you look even more attractive.


If a film is good, it will work no matter what.


I think every film has a destiny.


To be counted in the world's top 10 of anything I guess gets eyeballs.


My father is an absolute inspiration and such a gifted filmmaker.

I have learned and continue to learn so much from him.


The biggest hit of my life is Agneepath.

My second is Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and the third biggest hit is Dhoom 2


We all work to succeed in whatever we choose to do in life, so every success only pushes me to do better and I am constantly trying to improve my craft as an actor.


For me, it's the reactions from the audiences that are golden.

If they enjoy it, then half the battle has been won.


I look for the essence of a story and a human angle that I think audiences can relate to. I also look at how the dialogues flow in the film as a whole and between the characters, and most importantly I always consider what I can bring to the character from a creative point of view.


My parents through to my grandparents have seen and experienced all shades of life, the good and the bad, and they always faced every situation fearlessly. We share a unified bond which I also instil in my own family and it is with all of this that I am able to go out and do good work.


I am so excited. I love IIFA. I think it's great to meet all the people from your fraternity in one place, that too out of the country.


I told my sons to remember to always thank people for compliments.


As an actor you do look for a certain amount of critical acclaim and recognition from your peers and the industry at large. When that recognition comes to you, it's a special moment that you cherish and you always feel successful despite what the box office says.


I've chosen films that are different compared to the conventional Bollywood films we all know and love.


Life is not unfair. Life is what you make of it.


If my films do well or not, I am glad that the audiences appreciate my performance.


I take my time to get into the mindset of the character and say my lines.

I really have to be the person that I am playing.


Being attractive in life is not something as static as a single frame in a picture.