God is not looking for men of great faith, He is looking for common men to trust His great faithfulness.

— Hudson Taylor

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Do not have your concert first, and then tune your instrument afterwards.

Begin the day with the Word of God and prayer, and get first of all into harmony with Him.


The Great Commission is not an option to be considered; it is a command to be obeyed.


The prayer power has never been tried to its full capacity.

..if we want to see mighty wonders of divine power and grace wrought in the place of weakness, failure and disappointment, let us answer God's standing challenge, "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things which thou knowest not."


Carrying the cross does mean following in Jesus' footsteps.

And in His footsteps are rejection, brokenheartedness, persecution and death. There are not two Christs - an easy going one for easy going Christians, and a suffering one for exceptional believers. There is only one Christ. Are we willing to follow His lead?


When I get to China, I will have no claim on any one for anything.

My claim will be alone in God and I must learn before I leave England to move men through God by prayer alone.


I used to ask God to help me. Then I asked if I might help Him to do His work through me.


There are three stages in the work of God: impossible, difficult,done.


All God's giants have been weak men who did great things for God because they reackoned on God being with them.


The real secret of an unsatisfied life lies too often in an unsurrendered will.


God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply.


The branch of the vine does not worry, and toil, and rush here to seek for sunshine, and there to find rain. No; it rests in union and communion with the vine...Let us so abide in the Lord Jesus.


Depend on it. God's work done in God's way will never lack God's supply. He is too wise a God to frustrate His purposes for lack of funds, and He can just as easily supply them ahead of time as afterwards, and He much prefers doing so.


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All our difficulties are only platforms for the manifestations of His grace, power and love.


Abiding in Jesus isn't fixing our attention on Christ, but it is being one with Him... A man is abiding just as much when he is sleeping for Jesus, as when he is awake and working for Jesus. Oh, it is a very sweet thing to have one's mind just resting there.


It is not lost time to wait upon God!


The harvest here is indeed great, and the laborers are few and imperfectly fitted, without much grace, for such a work. And yet grace can make a few feeble instruments the means of accomplishing great things - things greater even than we can conceive.


The Lord IS my shepherd. Not was, not may be, nor will be. . . is my shepherd on Sunday, is on Monday, and is through every day of the week; is in January, is in December, and every month of the year, is at home, and is in China; is in peace, and is in war; in abundance, and in penury.


When we work, we work. When we pray, God works.


God uses men who are weak and feeble enough to lean on him.


The hardest part of a missionary career is to maintain regular, prayerful Bible study. Satan will always find you something to do, when you ought to be occupied about that - if it is only arranging a window blind!


Many Christians estimate difficulties in the light of their own resources, and thus attempt little and often fail in the little they attempt. All God's giants have been weak men who did great things for God because they reckoned on His power and presence with them.


We are not only to renounce evil, but to manifest the truth.

We tell people the world is vain; let our lives manifest that it is so. We tell them that our home is above and that all these things are transitory. Does our dwelling look like it? O to live consistent lives!


Christ is either Lord of all, or He is not Lord at all


So if God should place me in serious perplexity, must He not give me much guidance; in places of great difficulty, much grace; in circumstances of great pressure and trial, much strength? No fear that HIs resources will prove unequal to the emergency! And His resources are mine, for He is mine, and is with me and dwells in me.


Wave after wave of trial rolled over us;

but at the end of the year some of us were constrained to confess, that we had learned more of the loving-kindness of the Lord than in any previous year of our lives.


Let us see that we keep God before our eyes;

that we walk in His ways and seek to please and glorify Him in everything, great and small. Depend upon it, God's work, done in God's way, will never lack God's supplies.


Are you in a hurry, flurried, distressed? Look up! See the Man in the Glory! Let the face of Jesus shine upon you—the face of the Lord Jesus Christ. Is He worried, troubled, distressed? There is no wrinkle on His brow, no least shade of anxiety. Yet the affairs are His as much as yours.


Satan, the Hinderer, may build a barrier about us, but he can never roof us in, so that we cannot look up.


Would that God would make hell so real to us that we cannot rest;

heaven so real that we must have men there, Christ so real that our supreme motive and aim shall be to make the Man of Sorrows the Man of Joy by the conversion to him of many.


All God's giants have been weak men and women who have gotten hold of God's faithfulness.


God's work is not man working for God;

it is God's own work, though often wrought through man's hands.


You do not need a great faith, but faith in a great God.


The missionary spirit is the spirit of Jesus, the spirit of the incarnation and the cross.


If we are faithful to God in little things, we shall gain experience and strength that will be helpful to us in the more serious trials of life.


When the heart submits, then Jesus reigns. When Jesus reigns, there is rest.


Would that God would make hell so real to us that we cannot rest;

Heaven so real that we must have men there.


I have seen many men work without praying, though I have never seen any good come out of it; but I have never seen a man pray without working.


Brother, if you would enter that Province, you must go forward on your knees.


God isn't looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him


If I had 1,000 lives, I'd give them all for China.


An easy, non-self-denying life will never be one of power.


Devotion to God is still a voluntary thing; hence the differences of attainment among Christians.


As a rule, prayer is answered and funds come in, but if we are kept waiting, the spiritual blessing that is the outcome is far more precious than exemption from the trial.


A little thing is a little thing, but faithfulness in little things is a great thing.


There has never been a successful social movement for any minority without the support of the majority.


Christ liveth in me. And how great the difference...instead of bondage, liberty; instead of failure, quiet victories within; instead of fear and weakness, a restful sense of sufficiency in Another.


While unbelief sees the difficulties, faith sees God between itself and them.


Power with God will be the gauge of real power with men.


If this is a real work for God it is a real conflict with Satan.