There are some forms of stupidity that one must be highly intelligent and educated to achieve.

— J. Budziszewski

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Your worldview has to have the same shape that reality does.


To say that we cannot know anything about God is to say something about God;

it is to say that if there is a God, he is unknowable. But in that case, he is not entirely unknowable, for the agnostic certainly thinks that we can know one thing about him: That nothing else can be known about him.


To be evil at all, Satan needs good things he can abuse, things like intelligence, power and will. Those good things come from God.


Depraved conscience turns out to be as different from genuine ignorance as it is from honest recognition.


As to the latter point - that by having a child in America you are somehow starving a child in Bangladesh - remember that agricultural economics is not a zero-sum game. Farmers want to make a living, so as demand increases, so does production. Not only that, but agricultural productivity has increased so rapidly that in some countries the government pays farmers not to plant crops in an effort to keep food prices from dropping.


As any sin passes through its stages from temptation, to toleration, to approval, its name is first euphemized, then avoided, then forgotten. A colleague tells me that some of his fellow legal scholars call child molestation "intergenerational intimacy": that's euphemism. A good-hearted editor tried to talk me out of using the term "sodomy": that's avoidance. My students don't know the word "fornication" at all: that's forgetfulness.

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