You don't always get the waterfall shortcut in Mario Kart. That's life.

— Jack Barakat

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Sometimes you gotta look yourself in the mirror and say, 'You are the prettiest princess in all the land.' I do it once a week.


Life is like Candyland, there are many paths to take, sometimes you run into Lord Licorice but the end will always be Candy Castle.


Don't get stressed over the little things and make sure you're enjoying life to the fullest.


I don't love playing new songs in a festival environment.

Because when it comes to a festival a lot of people probably won't know your band really well at all so playing more familiar songs is a little more conducive in having a better show.


Hey Bieber, I had the initials JB first.. Where's my 15%?


Thank you for all the birthday wishes, it's brought a tear to my eye, and a boner to my pants.


I've always had the dream of going to New Zealand and meeting a lovely New Zealander in a bar.


I Google myself pretty often. I usually find something about All Time Low or my break-up with Holly [Madison].


My band and I are brothers. Nothing can break us. With it 'till the end.


I feel like blue jeans are kind of too 'country' for me.


I don't get stage fright. I do get nervous before I play in front of big audiences [though].


I have so much freedom to put whatever I want on a t-shirt, and it's cool because I get a lot of fan feedback so I like to see what kids like to wear and I like to use some of their ideas to make t-shirts.


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Going back to Baltimore is awesome because all my friends still live there and there's never a dull moment when you're hanging out with your high-school friends.


The recording process [ for 'Dirty Work'] took longer than anticipated, because we kept going on tour in between the recording process to make sure that we were still pleasing all the fans across the world.


I've never been to New Zealand, but I can imagine it's beautiful.

I don't know much about New Zealand... but I do know that I did watch 'Lord Of The Rings' so it looks really pretty.


I think the album 'Nothing Personal' is a lot more grittier and a lot more honest from a lyrical standpoint. Also, musically it's the most intricate and most thought-out record that we've ever recorded.


What I do know is, I never plan on growing up inside.


Life's too awesome to waste your time thinking about someone who doesn't treat you right.


Do what you feel is right and back yourself up. Live the life you want to live.


I go into the crowd almost everyday and I really really really despise it when people try to steal my shoes. That is a thing where they're proabably like 'oh, you can just go out and buy a new pair'. Like yeah, but those are my shoes. How would you feel if I tried to steal your shoes?

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