If I could start my life all over again, I would be a professional football player, and you damn well better believe I would be a Pittsburgh Steeler.

— Jack Lambert

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I believe the game is designed to reward the ones who hit the hardest - If you can't take it, you shouldn't play!


Always take the time to show compassion for those less fortunate, and there are many. Take the time to help a young child cross the street, or to carry a bag of groceries for an elderly lady. And every now and then, look up into that big, beautiful, blue sky and admit that there are things in this world more wondrous that yourself.


How lucky I was to have played for the Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

A proud, hard-working people, who loves their football, and their players.


Give me a 6 pack, half-hour of rest and lets go play them again - We can beat them.


Take pride in yourself. Be your own person.


I am very aggressive and very physical. On the field, I guess I am just plain mean.


The Steelers drafted guys who were bigger, stronger and faster than me, but they never found one who could take my job away from me.


Quarterbacks should wear dresses.