Worship changes the worshiper into the image of One worshiped

— Jack W. Hayford

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Prayer is essentially a partnership of the redeemed child of God working hand in hand with God toward the realization of His redemptive purposes on earth.


Jesus gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit, yet when the Spirit comes, He is loaded with packages! He desires to release much more in us and through us than we could ever imagine. These gifts are given for delivery, not for accumulation. We receive them to pass them on to others.


The Bible is ... as necessary to spiritual life as breath is to natural life. There is nothing more essential to our lives than the Word of God.


Worshiping God even amid despair is a way to defy the Adversary and declare our valuing of the good-the best-in life: the Lord!


Let my lips avoid vain repetition as I lift my voice in praise, O Lord.

Distract me from my distractions, awaken me from the dullness of mind, and transform habit and routine into vibrant times of worship.


You don't need candlelight and fireside glow to make Christmas happen.

Trees, ornaments, gifts, and all of it are splendid embellishments. Not necessary, but so very nice. It's Him...It's priceless to discover the pleasure of His company...May your home know something of all this glory during these days.


The resource from which God gives is boundless, measureless, unlimited, unending, abundant, almighty, and eternal.


Worship is about encounter-coming into God's presence


Part of the power of song is that it is a beautiful expression of devotion.

..singing releases the pent-up joy and thanksgiving we feel because of God's grace and goodness.


It is impossible to worship God acceptably and not come to Him in right relationship to...the Word of God.


There are many streams of cleansing-beginning with the Blood of Jesus! I want us to study and experience them all, as God works among us to free, heal, and mature His people!


The overcoming power is God's; the overcoming privilege is ours!


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Breakthrough happened around me when breakup happened within me.


Jesus began to lean forward and rise from His seat.

As the anointing caught in the folds of His garments, it began to splash out and fall over the church. Jesus said, "I am beginning to rise now in preparation for my second coming. Those who will rise with Me will share in this double portion of anointing."


God created us to be channels of blessing, but our ability to receive the resources with which He wants us to bless others, depends on our being able to give then away - freely, faithfully, generously.


In every storm there is a 'Peace! Be still' Christ will speak where prayer's call invites Him.


Character is more than a man-to-his-God humility, for it involves transparency and accountability to others, not merely a private quest for purity.


We magnify Him who is worthy above all others and adore Him simply because of who He is.