In order to dream, you need to have a springboard which is the facts... It gives it that touch of reality, and I think that's quite important... truth with fiction.

— Janet Leigh

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Goodbyes are sad, no matter what the promise of tomorrow is.


At one point I was introduced to a devastatingly handsome young man -- beautiful, really -- with black unruly hair, large sensitive eyes fringed by long dark lashes, a full sensuous mouth -- and an irresistible personality. His name was Tony Curtis.


[Her life with Tony Curtis in 1961:] We were beginning the climb to a higher plateau. Acceptance. Recognition. Status. Security. We only had to hold on and hope the thin air didn't make us dizzy and cause a tumble. We also needed to remember that the inside had to ascend together with the outside.


... we are the products of our past. ... a web of complexities.


The dream factory of that time was much simpler.

As media outlets grew, everything became so complicated.


I don't know what it is I exude. But whatever it is, it's whatever I am!