Unfortunately, manipulation and defamation are part of the bad manners that have been prevailing in Poland's politics for ten years now.

— Jaroslaw Kaczynski

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There is no "ruler" in our country. Poland is a democracy. Our Prime Minister leads the government; the President is fulfilling his tasks. But there is a little bit left for the party leader.


A single party is ruling in Hungary, but democracy and the freedom of speech are still in place.


The Germans are indeed the economically and politically strongest power in Europe. But their superiority does not equal the past and present superiority of the Americans.


The diversity of our cultures is Europe's greatest asset.

We have to preserve this asset. And any political intervention that reduces this diversity is a loss to Europe.


I do not have the right to vote in Germany.

From a Polish perspective, I say: it would be good if Ms. Merkel were reelected.


The EU treaties clearly promote an alliance of national states that, as far as possible, maintain their own responsibilities. There is no mention of a centralized state of Europe in the treaties. The EU Commission's politicking, however, is proof of a certain allergy against this principle of national states and national responsibilities.


Poland does not want to remain a net recipient of EU subsidies forever.

On the contrary: we want the right to develop in a fair market, and by this right, we want to one day catch up with Germany in terms of welfare and economic power. This will not take 100 years! And then many Poles who emigrated will be able to return home.


Concerning the common currency: today, the euro is not worth it for Poland.

The reason why we survived the financial and economic crisis quite well is that we have a national currency. This will not change in the near future.


With respect to Great Britain, I have a dream, by the way: that the Brits will see that the EU is changing, and change their minds. And then remain in the EU or return to the EU. I am not giving up hope.


Angela Merkel is the best solution for Poland.


There might be many similarities between Erdogan and Putin.

We can see that in the current developments, unfortunately. But Viktor Orban seriously does not fit in that list.


Germany's potential makes up about 20% of the EU's overall economic power, including Great Britain. The German army is by no means strong enough to guarantee the security of the EU's two endangered flanks - in the east and in the south. So all that remains for Germany is partnerships with its neighbours and other EU member states. Germany should stick to that role.


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Brexit was not a historical accident, after all.

It taught us where the EU's real problems lie. And if we do not solve them, we will not prevent the anti-European currents in many EU countries, but rather encourage them.


Poland is a sovereign state. We want the same rights as all other EU countries. Nothing more, but nothing less, either.


For Germany, Poland is now a more important trade partner than Russia.

With respect to history, our peoples will require more time for the wounds to heal. But it is also important to stick to the truth in accounting for the past. This is not compatible with, for instance, TV movies such as "Our mothers, our fathers" that try to partly shift the liability for Nazi crimes to us Poles.


In Poland, nobody is arrested or persecuted for political reasons.


Who lent the Greeks the most money? It was German banks, and for a long time, they were profiting from it quite nicely.


We Poles are and will remain convinced Europeans.

For us, Europe is a community of the diversity of nations. No mishmash.


More or less Europe - that's the wrong alternative! What we need is less centralism.


There cannot be a federal state of Europe without all citizens receiving the same benefits and rights.


I would like to hear from Chancellor Merkel what she was thinking when opening the borders. I cannot imagine at all what it was.


Primarily, Warsaw and Brussels share the central basic values of the EU: human dignity, democracy, and the religious freedom of every single human being. We believe in these values.


There are historic examples where a soft domination of certain states worked well. For instance the US, who dominated the Western alliance after World War II - with a giant army, an enormous population, and its globally superior economic power. This role is quite different for Germany today.

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