If you can make someone tear up a little bit and feel something in their throat, those are the best kinds. That generally means that there's got to be some love in there.

— Jason H. Moore

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When you making a piece of comedy entertainment, the audience is a big component there. You do have to end up getting rid of things that you love, but in the interest of making a movie that's not longer than two hours, and in the interest of when every joke hopefully is good enough, then everybody looks good. You cut things that you love, but ultimately it's for the greater good of making the whole movie better.


My favorite kinds of comedies are ones that hopefully make you laugh a lot, but ultimately make you care about something in the end, even if it's just a little bit.


Put in every joke that's not a dud and then let's just start pulling the ones that work the least. You're just constantly sifting until you're left with the biggest chunks of gold. The audience also tells you what some of those chunks are. You can have your own favorites, and then, once you screen it for an audience, the audience tells you what they're entertained by. I feel like that's a big part of it.

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