They [women] can use their abilities to support each other, even as they develop more effective and appropriate ways of dealing with power.... Women do not need to diminish other women[they] need the power to advance their own development, but they do not "need" the power to limit the development of others.

— Jean Baker Miller

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Women will not advance except by joining together in cooperative action.

... Unlike other groups, women do not need to set affiliation and strength in opposition one against the other. We can readily integrate the two, search for more and better ways to use affiliation to enhance strength--and strength to enhance affiliation.


Practically everyone now bemoans Western man's sense of alienation, lack of community, and inability to find ways of organizing society for human ends. We have reached the end of the road that is built on the set of traits held out for male identity-advance at any cost, pay any price, drive out all competitors, and kill them if necessary.


as a society emphasizes and values some aspects of the total range of human potentials more than others, the valued aspects are associated closely with, and limited to, the dominant group's domain.


psychological growth is the great gift and inexorable fact of human life.


Most so-called women's work is not recognized as real activity.

One reason for this attitude may be that such work is usually associated with helping others' development, rather than with self-enhancement or self-employment.


The question is still asked of women: 'How do you propose to answer the need for child care?' That is an obvious attempt to structure conflict in the old terms. The questions are rather: 'If we as a human community want children, how does the total society propose to provide for them?'.


Conflict begins at the moment of birth.


In a basic sense, the greater the development of each individual the more able, more effective, and less needy of limiting or restricting others she or he will be.


As other perceptions arise...the total vision of human possibilities enlarges and is transformed.


Conflict is inevitable, the source of all growth, and an absolute necessity if one is to be alive.


Women are taught that their main goal in life is to serve others--first men, and later, children. This prescription leads to enormous problems, for it is supposed to be carried out as if women did not have needs of their own, as if one could serve others without simultaneously attending to one's own interests and desires. Carried to its "perfection," it produces the martyr syndrome or the smothering wife and mother.