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  1. When the going gets tough, you have to lie.
  2. When it becomes serious, you have to lie.
  3. I believe neither the French nor the Dutch really rejected the constitutional treaty.
  4. It is not acceptable that European Union countries are divided into those who give and those who take.
  5. We must go back to teach Europeans to love Europe.
  6. You can't deepen the European Union against the wishes of the European countries.
  7. God understands more about the financial markets than many who write about them.
  8. Article 50 governs the exit from the European Union and here there can also be no renegotiation.
  9. The will of the British people must now be put into effect as quickly as possible. Under Article 50 of the EU Treaty the UK must leave the European Union within two years at the latest.
  10. For my generation, the monetary union has always been about forging peace.

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  • We do not attract Russian money to Luxembourg with high interest rates.
  • There can be no doubt that, with the United Kingdom, we will lose a very market-oriented voice.
  • The use of EU summits to frame political victories or defeats is an annoying habit.
  • Europe is a democracy and differences of opinion are part of it.
  • Yesterday's shining heroes of Brexit have become the sorrowful heroes of today.
  • With hindsight, it is always easy to blame everyone else.
  • I'm not deaf and the Commission isn't operating in a parallel world of legal texts.
  • I don't think in national categories. For me it [policy] is about concepts and substance.
  • I'm not suffering from withdrawal symptoms. I would say that I have a balanced state of mind.
  • You can consider this carved in stone: I rule out becoming Herman Van Rompuy's successor.

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A united Europe is our Continent's only chance to avoid falling off the world's radar. The heads of government of Germany, France and the United Kingdom also know that their voice is only heard internationally because they speak through the megaphone of the European Union. — Jean-Claude Juncker

But anyone who believes that the eternal issue of war and peace in Europe has been permanently laid to rest could be making a monumental error. The demons haven't been banished; they are merely sleeping, as the wars in Bosnia and Kosovo have shown us. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Much as I would have liked to respond factually and truthfully to each and every piece of misinformation spread by the Brexit campaign, it was important that I stayed out of the domestic political debate. It was David Cameron's task to win the UK referendum, not ours. — Jean-Claude Juncker

The way some German politicians have lashed out at Greece when the country fell into the crisis has left deep wounds there. I was just as shocked by the banners of protesters in Athens that showed the German chancellor in a Nazi uniform. — Jean-Claude Juncker

In 1913 many believed that there would never again be a war in Europe. The great powers of the continent were so closely intertwined economically that the view was widespread that they could no longer afford to have military confrontations. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I have another explanation [of Brexit]: In its 43 years of EU membership, Britain has never been able to decide whether it wants to fully or only partially belong to the EU. — Jean-Claude Juncker

During our religious instruction in school, we always asked: How can one prove the existence of God? And I have learned that the Catholic Church, which is never at a loss for an answer when it comes to existential questions, responds as follows: This question simply does not arise. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Greece is not a country that can be humiliated. It is a matter of finding an intersection between the reasonable elements of both sides [EU and Greece] which has to be done. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Without the Turkey agreement, tens of thousands of refugees would still be stuck in Greece. The Commission presented proposals for securing Europe's external borders early on, but they languished in the Council for months. As you can see, the Commission isn't asleep. Oftentimes it has to wake up the others. — Jean-Claude Juncker

We no longer have the pact from 1997; it was radically amended in 2005 and the Commission is applying this Stability Pact with wisdom and rationality. — Jean-Claude Juncker

We can't completely rely on the aberrations of history to explain today's European necessities. Future-related issues are no less pressing. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Since populists never miss an opportunity to create a lot of noise about anti-Europe stance. However, the repercussions of the British referendum could quickly put a stop to such crass rabble-rousing, as it should soon become clear that the UK was better off inside the EU - economically, socially and in foreign policy terms. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I have always considered it to be a minor miracle that after the war, people in Europe's border regions were able to forget everything and, in accordance with the slogan "Never Again War," develop a program that still works today. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I urge everyone to be patient and reasonable and I warn against shooting from the hip in the truest sense of the term. Pressure and dialogue are needed. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I would describe that [friendship with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras] as a utilitarian friendship. At the time, his country was facing the prospect of leaving the euro zone and many Greeks felt abandoned by Europe. In such a situation, it seemed appropriate to me to present myself as a friend to Greece. It had to do with the country's dignity. — Jean-Claude Juncker

The Luxembourg financial centre is based on several pillars, we are characterised by the breadth of our product range, we are an active participant in the international credit business. — Jean-Claude Juncker

There is a proposal to divide the currency zone into a north and a south euro. There is also the idea of setting up a core monetary union in the middle of Europe. I disapprove of these debates. Instead, we should devote all of our efforts to supplementing the monetary union with a political union. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I have changed the focus of the work of my Commission so that we no longer concern ourselves with trivial details and concentrate on the key issues instead. By doing that, we met a large number of the legitimate demands made by the British people. The Commission really did do everything it could to create the conditions for a positive campaign. — Jean-Claude Juncker

With their charm and legendary sense of humor, the British directly or indirectly paved the way for a large number of European compromises. — Jean-Claude Juncker

How will the exit affect thousands of British pensioners living in Portugal or Spain who will lose their access to the welfare and health systems? Fifty-three free-trade agreements, which were negotiated by the EU on behalf of all Member States, are also hanging in the balance for the UK. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I'm always quite amazed that people in Europe become unnerved when two institutions or two people have different views. — Jean-Claude Juncker

The Greek nation has to be respected. I am not in the camp of those who openly want to humiliate Greece. — Jean-Claude Juncker

There is a distorted perception of what goes on in Brussels. No one reports on the Commission taking a hundred initiatives from its predecessor off the table in order to shift competencies back to member state governments. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Greeks have to know that they are not alone ... Those who are fighting for the survivor of Greece inside the Euro area are deeply harmed by the impression floating around in the Greek public opinion that Greece is a victim. Greece is a member of the EU and the euro. I want Greece to be a constructive member of the Union because the EU is also benefiting from Greece. — Jean-Claude Juncker

The position of EU commissioner for economic and monetary affairs could be combined with the office of Euro Group chairman. That job would be a great challenge for anyone who assumed it. On the one hand, he would have to make proposals. On the other hand, he would have to negotiate compromises with his European counterparts. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I said in my inaugural address that I am not the Council's secretary, nor am I the Parliament's lackey. That can sometimes lead to conflicts, which are defused through dialogue. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Now it is firstly a matter of a clean divorce, because citizens and companies need legal certainty. Can there be a new partnership with the United Kingdom one day? All 27 Member States would have to agree to that. And the United Kingdom would first have to reflect on what it wants itself. — Jean-Claude Juncker

The good thing about the European Union is that the joint project ultimately benefits all Member States and not just a few. — Jean-Claude Juncker

The outcome of the referendum does not affect those of my officials who have British nationality, since they work for Europe and not for the UK. They have made a major contribution to our common European project, and I will continue to count on their talent and commitment. — Jean-Claude Juncker

In the end, the British didn't vote to leave because of the euro. They're not even members of the currency union. Even the refugee crisis hardly affected the country. — Jean-Claude Juncker

My friendship with Martin [Schulz], by contrast, is completely different in that it goes far beyond politics. — Jean-Claude Juncker

In the highest government office, you have to be ready to bow out at any time, otherwise you are not a free individual anymore. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Angela Merkel did the right thing. Her decision and the extraordinary willingness of the German people to take in refugees conveyed an image of Germany that is still having positive repercussions today. Unfortunately, people in Germany are no longer seeing that. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I note that many British MEPs belonging to the UK Independence Party (UKIP) have used all their time in Parliament to work against the institution of which they are members. I would not presume to advise them on what they should or should not do. However, since the UK could not leave the EU fast enough as far as they were concerned, I can imagine that they will not stay any longer than they have to. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I wouldn't like Greece to stay recession. I do think that everything has to be undertaken to reconnect with growth. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I'm convinced that, in the long term, a monetary union includes a joint debt policy under strict, mutually agreed upon conditions. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I am a champion of trans-Atlantic relations and I do not believe there is any other option available to us than working closely together with America - including Canada. There is no other alliance option, but the same is true for the U.S. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Here in Brussels, we did everything to accommodate David Cameron's concerns. My collaborators and I personally spent countless days and nights negotiating an agreement that was fair toward the United Kingdom and toward the other 27 Member States. I was then very surprised to see that this settlement played no role whatsoever in the campaign in the United Kingdom. At the same time it is hardly surprising. — Jean-Claude Juncker

The European family may well be anything but perfect. — Jean-Claude Juncker

One can't allow blind loyalty to a friendship to lead one away from acting in the public interest. If Martin [Schulz] were to propose something that was totally absurd, our friendship would not prevent me from doing the opposite. — Jean-Claude Juncker

My father was a steel worker and Martin's [Schulz] grandfather was a miner in Saarland. In these occupations, there is a particular awareness of solidarity. That creates links that aren't present in other relationships. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I put my money on Brexit. The EU Financial Stability Commissioner, Jonathan Hill from Britain, still owes me a pound. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I am for it - not to make a threat, but to make clear that decisions that have been made are applicable law, even if you have voted against it. At issue here is European solidarity, which cannot be a one-way street. The traffic has to move in both directions. — Jean-Claude Juncker

My main concern is to protect people from detriment. — Jean-Claude Juncker

After 30 years in Brussels, I can tell you: The relationship between the Commission and the Parliament has probably never been as good as it is now. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Between now and then, after 43 years of European marriage, the whole body of legislation will therefore have to be disentangled. That entails a whole range of specific and very complex questions: what will be the future legal status of the millions of EU citizens in the UK and the millions of Britons on the continent? — Jean-Claude Juncker

The Turks know that if they want to join the EU, then they must respect our rules. We are a union of beliefs, not a bunch of squawking chickens. But if we continue talks with Erdogan, that doesn't mean we have to bow down to him. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I'm ready to be insulted as being insufficiently democratic, but I want to be serious ... I am for secret, dark debates. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I like Macron a lot and I very much welcome him - particularly the fact that he made Europe one of the main topics of the election debate. — Jean-Claude Juncker

In Europe, even more so than in national politics, we have to follow the principle laid down by Martin Luther: Use language that the people will understand, but don't just tell them what they want to hear. — Jean-Claude Juncker

The European Union has decades of experience in overcoming crises and has always emerged stronger after. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Germany will continue to play a central - perhaps even a more important - role in the European Union. I think that we will all miss the pragmatic approach of the British, however, particularly in those long nights of negotiation. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Stories are invented: Juncker wants to introduce the euro everywhere or immediately deepen the EU - although I publicly stated the opposite that same day. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I am in favor of the European institutions being led for the next two-and-a-half years as they have been thus far. We need stability. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Those who are saying that Mario Draghi is in the camp of those trying to push Greece outside the Euroarea, are wrong. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Now people are criticizing Europe, the European Commission, Juncker and the whole lot because the distribution of refugees didn't succeed immediately. But you also have to recognize that close to 20,000 refugees have already been redistributed. There are only a few member states that do not want to take part. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Decisions can only be reached in Europe if France and Germany agree. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I assumed office to bring the EU to a point from which there is no going back. Instead, I am having to unwind the EU to a certain extent. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I would have thought that they [Boris Johnson and Nigel Farag] would have had a plan,instead of developing a plan they are leaving the boat. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Anyone who believes that the eternal question of war and peace in Europe is no longer there risks being deeply mistaken. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Many in Germany are saying that Macron should be helped. That's also how I see it. But Germany cannot solve France's problems. The French president and his government will have to seriously knuckle down in order to pull France out of its slump. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I am, however, deeply saddened by this [Brexit] vote by the British electorate. But I respect their decision. What is crucial now is that we focus very precisely on what Europe can do for people: stimulate investment, create jobs and together ensure the safety and security of our citizens. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I haven't yet given everything: I am still full of energy. But I wanted to make it clear that I don't have to make unwarranted concessions to national governments or to parliament. I want to avoid the impression that I am doing things just to ensure that I am re-elected. That's not the case. I have had my career. — Jean-Claude Juncker

In politics, there are different categories of friendship. My friendship with Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras, for example . — Jean-Claude Juncker

It is always said that Europe is a project of the elite. That's incorrect. — Jean-Claude Juncker

It's important to recognize that we in Europe will either succeed together or fail together. — Jean-Claude Juncker

You can't have euro bonds without more interconnection among the national budget policies. — Jean-Claude Juncker

We must also take this opportunity to learn from the situation [of Brexit], just as we learned from the refugee and debt crises. — Jean-Claude Juncker

It is not more Europe or less Europe that we need. We need a better Europe. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I prefer to concentrate on my task of leading Europe to the success that our citizens expect. We have to look forwards now because what is at stake is what makes Europe Europe. — Jean-Claude Juncker

From the very beginning Europe has been not only a success story but also a story of success achieved by learning. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I have a plan. It entails leading to a fair deal and relationship with the British. We will be reasonable, but we will also negotiate firmly and without gullibility. I believe we must come to an agreement for the people of Britain and the people on the Continent, but not under exclusively British terms. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I am chilled by the realization of how similar circumstances in Europe in 2013 are to those of 100 years ago. — Jean-Claude Juncker

If someone complains about Europe from Monday to Saturday then nobody is going to believe him on Sunday when he says he is a convinced European. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I am for secret, dark debates. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I was never presented with the details as far as the collective bargaining system is Greece. I am in favor of a normal system without giving the labour minister the right to extend the results to extend the result of the collective bargaining to the whole of the real economy. The government has to make sure that the results will not harm the situation of small and medium enterprises. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I have known a great many politicians who have not managed to stay in power for 16 years. I have nevertheless already managed to remain at the helm for 18 years. I still want to achieve a great many things for my country. Experience is not a disadvantage here, especially as the head of government of a small country in a European setting that has become more difficult. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I have no doubt that the U.S., even under Trump, will stick to the mutual defense commitment in the NATO treaty in the event of an emergency. Trump described NATO as being obsolete during his election campaign, but he made clear afterward that he considers the alliance to be an indispensable necessity. — Jean-Claude Juncker

But it is the best thing that we have for bringing the countries of Europe around the same table and for forging compromises so that people here can live in peace, freedom and prosperity. In a world which is growing closer together all the time, we can only survive and influence the rules if we join forces. We will miss the presence of the United Kingdom at this table. — Jean-Claude Juncker

[Boris]Johnson, [Nigel] Farage, they are retro-nationalists, not patriots. Patriots don't abandon ship when the going gets tough. They stay on board. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I completely agree with Helmut Kohl. I am not an advocate of the "United States of Europe," nor am I an integration fanatic. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I don't think Spain will need any kind of external support. — Jean-Claude Juncker

I notice with a certain sense of regret that far too many Europeans are returning to a regional and national mindset. — Jean-Claude Juncker

As a human being I am personally saddened, as I have a great deal of respect for the large number of British colleagues I have worked with over the years. That is why I personally invested countless hours, days and nights, in negotiating a fair deal for the United Kingdom. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Trump knows that he is encountering a complete lack of understanding in Europe, but it's apparent that he's not very impressed by it. My experience, however, has been that American presidents take a greater interest in Europe over the course of their term. — Jean-Claude Juncker

The problem is: When two governments or institutions in Europe hold differing opinions, it is immediately a crisis. — Jean-Claude Juncker

One shouldn't pursue the wrong policies just because one is afraid of not being reelected. Those who intend to govern have to take responsibility for their countries and for Europe as a whole. This means, if need be, that they have to pursue the right policies, even if many voters think they are the wrong ones. — Jean-Claude Juncker

The person who is ahead in the end will have the advantage. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Trump is a partner for us who cannot be easily categorized. Putting it in the noblest way possible, his understanding of politics is a little different from ours here in Europe. The way he acts forces us Europeans to take on a new responsibility. We are not standing with our backs up against the wall, but, to put it as pithily as the German chancellor has: We can no longer rely on the U.S. the way we could in the past. — Jean-Claude Juncker

Life Lessons by Jean-Claude Juncker

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  1. Jean-Claude Juncker demonstrated the importance of taking a long-term view when making decisions, as he was in office for over 20 years.
  2. He also showed that a successful leader must be willing to compromise and work with others to achieve their goals.
  3. Lastly, his work showed that a leader must be open to change and willing to adapt to new situations in order to remain effective.

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