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  1. Meet me where the sky touches the sea. Wait for me where the world begins.
  2. Because beautiful things never last. Not roses nor snow… And not fireworks, either
  3. Why is it that weeks and months and years go by so quickly, all in a blur, but moments last forever?
  4. I know it is a bad thing to break a promise, but I think now that it is a worse thing to let a promise break you.
  5. For mad I may be, but I will never be convenient.
  6. History is a Rorschach test, people. What you see when you look at it tells you as much about yourself as it does about the past.
  7. He who cannot endure the bad will not live to see the good.
  8. Hope is the crystal meth of emotions. It hooks you fast and kills you hard.
  9. He's wearing boots, a kilt, and a long-sleeve tee. No coat, even though it's December. Beautiful people don't need coats. They've got their auras to keep them warm.
  10. I'm wishing he could see that music lives. Forever. That it's stronger than death. Stronger than time. And that its strength holds you together when nothing else can.

Jennifer Donnelly Short Quotes

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  • Who needs make-believe monsters when there are so many real ones.
  • Namaste. It was a Nepalese greeting. It meant: The light within me bows to the light within you.
  • Beautiful people don't need coats. They've got their auras to keep them warm.
  • Come on you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter, you piper, you prisoner, and shine.
  • I struggled for a long time to get anything published.
  • Because just for a few seconds, someone else hurts, too. For just a few seconds, I'm not alone.
  • Be careful what you show the world. You never know when the wolf is watching.
  • Stop yelling. If everyone’s yelling, no one can be heard.
  • But words are more powerful than anything.
  • It is hope, not despair, that undoes us all.

Jennifer Donnelly Quotes On Love

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I just love historical fiction. — Jennifer Donnelly

He loves the sparkling fountains and their cascades and says the strangest things as he watches them. they look like stars breaking. Or, They look like Mama's diamonds. Or, They look like all the souls in heaven. — Jennifer Donnelly

Only the hopeless love God. — Jennifer Donnelly

Becuse God loves us, but the devil takes an interest. — Jennifer Donnelly

I love you, too... I won't ever leave you again. I promise. I kept that promise. For love him I did. For nearly two years I spent almost every waking hour with him. Until he was taken from me. But I never left him. And I never will. — Jennifer Donnelly

There is only one thing I fear now-love. For I have seen it and I have felt it and I know that it is love, not death, that undoes us. — Jennifer Donnelly

It has an L on it. L for love. See? It's the key to the universe, Dad. You said you were looking for it. You told Mom you were. I found it for you so you don't have to look anymore. So you can come home at night. — Jennifer Donnelly

Why do you write?' Because I love words and stories so much. Because I would be grief stricken every day of my life if I couldn't write. Because I'm obsessed and compelled. Because I'd be utterly useless at anything else. — Jennifer Donnelly

I have done this—made the sad prince laugh. Made his grieving parents smile. None but me. Think you only kings have power? Stand on a stage and hold the hearts of men in your hands. Make them laugh with a gesture, cry with a word. Make them love you. And you will know what power is. — Jennifer Donnelly

She was everything he wanted from his life, the very measure of his dreams. — Jennifer Donnelly

Jennifer Donnelly Quotes On Life

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The guitar's still around me. I slip it off and put it down. I want to feel him. To feel his breath on my neck. The warmth of his skin. To feel something other than sadness. Hold me, I tell him silently. Hold me here. To this place. This life. Make me want you. Want this. Want something. Please — Jennifer Donnelly

DNA tells you all the secrets of life,’ he used to say. Except for one—how to live it. — Jennifer Donnelly

Life’s all about the revolution, isn’t it? The one inside, I mean. You can’t change history. You can’t change the world. All you can ever change is yourself. — Jennifer Donnelly

The rain comes down harder as I write. It sheets off the roof in torrents. I wish it would pound against me. Pound the life from my body. The flesh from my bones. The pain from my heart. — Jennifer Donnelly

She was his soulmate, as much a part of him as the very flesh and bone that made him. She was with him, in him, in everything he did. She was everything he wanted from his life, the very measure of his dreams. — Jennifer Donnelly

Jennifer Donnelly Famous Quotes And Sayings

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I don't like hope very much. In fact, I hate it. It's the crystal meth of emotions. It hooks you fast and kills you hard. It's bad news. The worst. It's sharp sticks and cherry bombs. When hope shows up, it's only a matter of time until someone gets hurt. — Jennifer Donnelly

I play until my fingers are blue and stiff from the cold, and then I keep on playing. Until I'm lost in the music. Until I am the music--notes and chords, the melody and harmony. It hurts, but it's okay because when I'm the music, I'm not me. Not sad. Not afraid. Not desperate. Not guilty. — Jennifer Donnelly

The world goes on, as stupid and brutal as tomorrow as it was today. And though I am shuddering with pain, and twisting with pain, and sobbing with pain, i laugh.Because I know now. I know the answer. I know the truth. Oh,dead man, you are dead wrong, I tell him.Can't you see? The world goes on, stupid and brutal, but I [do not. I do not.] — Jennifer Donnelly

I will go out again this very night with my rockets and fuses. I will blow them straight out of their comfortable beds. Blow the rooftops off their houses. Blow the black, wretched night to bits. I will not stop. For mad I may be, but I will never be convenient. — Jennifer Donnelly

Little by little, the old world crumbled, and not once did the king imagine that some of the pieces might fall on him. — Jennifer Donnelly

A new word. Bright with possibilities. A flawless pearl to turn over and over in my hand, then put away for safekeeping. — Jennifer Donnelly

Funny, 'ow you can 'old a jewel in your 'and, and toss it away, and not even know what you 'ad until it's gone. — Jennifer Donnelly

There is a ghost here. A lonely, heartbroken spirit. The ghost of everything that could've been and never was. — Jennifer Donnelly

When you can write music that endures, bravo. Until then, keep quiet and study the work of those who can. — Jennifer Donnelly

She's got a big belt around her hips. It has a shiny buckle with PRADA on it, which is Italian for insecure. — Jennifer Donnelly

It's another sin. Worse than all the other ones, which are immediate, violent and hot...It's the eighth deadly sin. The one God left out, Hope. — Jennifer Donnelly

But his words fall away. He looks confused. He looks flustered and sorry. Like you do when you run up to someone you think you know and take her arm and she turns around and you were wrong. — Jennifer Donnelly

Happiness was useless to me. It was heartache that filled my purse. What happy man has need of Shakespeare? — Jennifer Donnelly

I play until my fingertips are raw. Until I rip a nail and bleed on the strings. Until my hands hurt so bad I forget my heart does. — Jennifer Donnelly

Things are NEVER what they seem, Pa, I thought. I used to think they were, but I was wrong or stupid or blind or something. Old folks are forever complaining about their failing eyesight, but I think your vision gets better as you get older. Mine surely was. — Jennifer Donnelly

There were times when I lifted my face to the sky, stretched my arms wide to the winter night, and laughed out loud, so happy was I. The memory of it makes me laugh now, but not from happiness. Be careful what you show the world. You never know when the wolf is watching. — Jennifer Donnelly

Because in a small dark room, a broken child lies on a filthy bed and stares up at a high window. He waits for me, too. And I—I who have failed at everything and have failed everyone—I must not, I cannot, I will not fail him. — Jennifer Donnelly

On those nights, the words were for me alone. They came up unbidden from my heart. They spilled over my tongue and spilled out my mouth. And because of them, I, who was nothing and nobody, was a prince of Denmark, a maid of Verona, a queen of Egypt. I was a sour misanthrope, a beetling hypocrite, a conjurer's daughter, a mad and murderous king. — Jennifer Donnelly

There was a basket at her feet. She reached into it and lifted out the head of a young woman, a marquise. She wore Bourbon white to her death, but wears the tricolor now - white cheeks, blue lips, red dripping from her neck. Long live the revolution. — Jennifer Donnelly

I need a boy who thinks with his big head, not his little one. Since they do not exist, I have fashioned my own. — Jennifer Donnelly

We're not punished for our sins, lad. We're punished by them. — Jennifer Donnelly

Cry your grief to God. Howl to the heavens. Tear your shirt. Your hair. Your flesh. Gouge out your eyes. Carve out your heart. And what will you get from Him? Only silence. Indifference. But merely stand looking at the playbills, sighing because your name is not on them, and the devil himself appears at your elbow full of sympathy and suggestions. And that's why I did it....Because God loves us, but the devil takes an interest. — Jennifer Donnelly

I've always admired your rather formidable will, your refusal to back away from difficulties, but sometimes strength isn't about perseverance. Sometimes it's about knowing when to quit. — Jennifer Donnelly

I think your vision gets better as you get older. — Jennifer Donnelly

You can't argue with the dead, no matter what you say, they always have the last word. — Jennifer Donnelly

What I saw next stopped me dead in my tracks. Books. Not just one or two dozen, but hundreds of them. In crates. In piles on the floor. In bookcases that stretched from floor to ceiling and lined the entire room. I turned around and around in a slow circle, feeling as if I'd just stumbled into Ali Baba's cave. I was breathless, close to tears, and positively dizzy with greed. — Jennifer Donnelly

The greenest of pastures are right here on earth. — Jennifer Donnelly

Because I'm on the phone, Mom!" "Fooling around with your friends again! Who is that?" "Ahmadinejad." "Oh, my goodness! What is he saying?" "That he wants to see Jeezy at the Beacon tonight. Putin's going too. He scalped a ticket from Kim Jong Il. All tha gangstas are going." "Don't be so fresh, young man!" "Gotta go," he says to me. "Enemy forces have dropped a Momshell." "Fall back, solider. Over and out. — Jennifer Donnelly

I grew up on a mixed diet of mass and class, and I still read that way. I hate it when people apologize for what they read. Some bestsellers aren't exactly literary. So what? They're fun and rip-roaring, Who instituted the book police and why do we have to answer them? Grrrrr! — Jennifer Donnelly

Airports should all belong to the same country. The country of Crappacia. Or Bleakovania. Or Suckitan. — Jennifer Donnelly

Most people, if they were generous, were so because they thought life was short and that one must make the most of it. Sid Baxter was generous because he knew that life was long. It went on and on even when you had no use for it anymore. It was happiness, not life, that was short, and when it visited - in the form of a fine evening spent talking with a friend - he honoured it. — Jennifer Donnelly

Make them care, Mattie,' she said softly. 'And don't you ever be sorry.' -Emily Wilcox — Jennifer Donnelly

I played a role. That is what actors do. But I played it too well. I went too far. And by the time I wanted to stop, to take a bow and leave the stage, it was too late. — Jennifer Donnelly

For the first time in a long time, he didn't think of the past. And of all the things he'd lost. He thought only of the present, and what he had. And how it was so much more than he deserved. And he prayed then that he would never, ever lose it. — Jennifer Donnelly

I could almost hear the characters inside, murmuring and jostling, impatient for me to open the cover and let them out. — Jennifer Donnelly

Never take what's offered, always ask for more. — Jennifer Donnelly

Writers are damned liars. Every single one of them. — Jennifer Donnelly

The feeling that you get.... when you know something is happening that will change you, and you don't want it to, but you can't stop it. And you know, for the first time, that there will now be a before and an after, a was and a will be. And that you will never again quite be the same person you were. — Jennifer Donnelly

Sometimes, when you catch someone unaware at just the right time and in just the right light, you can catch sight of what they will be. — Jennifer Donnelly

For the first time, I saw what was in his heart, and I wondered if he might ever want to look deep enough to see mine. — Jennifer Donnelly

The King walks. He nods. His glance is like God's touch - under it all things spring to life. A wave of his hand and a hundred musicians tear into the Handel, making a sound you've never heard before, and never will again. A sound that goes through you, through flesh and bone, and reorders the very beat of your heart. — Jennifer Donnelly

It's only the body that's gone. Only the body. There's a part that doesn't go in the ground, a part that stays inside you forever. — Jennifer Donnelly

Turn away. From the darkness, the madness, the pain. Open your eyes and look at the light. — Jennifer Donnelly

...Listen to your own thoughts and feelings very carefully, be aware of your observations, and learn to value them. When you're a teenager—and even when you're older—lots of people will try to tell you what to think and feel. Try to stand still inside all of that and hear your own voice. It's yours and only yours, it's unique and worth of your attention, and if you cultivate it properly, it might just make you a writer. — Jennifer Donnelly

Voice is not just the sound that comes from your throat, but the feelings that come from your words. — Jennifer Donnelly

And Robespierre, the Incorruptible, who loved us so much he cut off our heads so we would not be troubled by too many thoughts. — Jennifer Donnelly

They leave things behind sometimes, the guests. A bottle of scent. A crumpled handkerchief. A pearl button that fell off a dress and rolled under a bed. And sometimes they leave other sorts of things. Things you can't see. A sigh trapped in a corner. Memories tangled in the curtains. A sob fluttering against the windowpane like a bird that flew in and can't get back out. I can feel these things. They dart and crouch and whisper. — Jennifer Donnelly

Words fail me sometimes. I have read most every word in the Webster’s International Dictionary of the English Language, but I still have trouble making them come when I want them to. Right now I want a word that describes the feeling you get – a cold sick feeling deep down inside – when you know something is happening that will change you, and you don’t want it to, but you can’t stop it. And you know you will never be the same again. — Jennifer Donnelly

Had you but seen it, I promise you, your high-minded principles would have melted like candle wax. Never would you have wished such beauty away. — Jennifer Donnelly

Together in our house, in the firelight, we are the world made small. — Jennifer Donnelly

Well, it seems to me that there are books that tell stories, and then there are books that tell truths... The first kind, they show you life like you want it to be. With villains getting what they deserve and the hero seeing what a fool he's been and marrying the heroine and happy endings and all that... But the second kind, they show you life more like it is... The first kind makes you cheerful and contented, but the second kind shakes you up. — Jennifer Donnelly

Men are the weak ones, luv. Didn't you know? Oh, you make a lot of noise, but its the women who are strong. Where it counts. In 'ere. — Jennifer Donnelly

Yeah. Sure. My brother's dead. My mother's insame. Hey, let's have a crepe. — Jennifer Donnelly

Bravery is feeling fear but doing the thing anyway. — Jennifer Donnelly

There is an advantage to be found in most everything that happens to you, even if it is not immediately apparent. — Jennifer Donnelly

The more obscure our tastes, the greater the proof of our genius. — Jennifer Donnelly

He pressed himself into me and kissed my neck, and it was as if everything strong and solid inside me, heart and bones and muscle and gut, softened and melted from the heat of him. — Jennifer Donnelly

Every heart is made of stories. — Jennifer Donnelly

I listened as the words became sentences and the sentences became pages and the pages became feelings and voices and places and people. — Jennifer Donnelly

Most of the mess that is called history comes about because kings and presidents cannot be satisfied with a nice chicken and a good loaf of bread. — Jennifer Donnelly

Cripes Miss Wilcox, they're not guns,' I said. No, they're not Mattie, they're books. And a hundred times more dangerous. — Jennifer Donnelly

The world goes on, stupid and brutal, but I do not. Can't you see? I do not. — Jennifer Donnelly

Her grey eyes sparkled with passion as she spoke. Sid looked into them and for a second he glimpsed her soul. He saw what she was - fierce and brave. Upright. Impatient. And good. So good that she would sit covered in gore, shout at dangerous men, and keep a long, lonely vigil - all to save the likes of him. He realized she was a rare creature, as rare as a rose in winter. — Jennifer Donnelly

Who knew that listening to a guy sleep could be so much deeper than sleeping with a guy. — Jennifer Donnelly

I will rain down silver and gold for you. I will shatter the black night, break it open, and pour out a million stars. Turn away from the darkness, the madness, the pain. Open your eyes and know that I am here. That I remember and hope. Open your eyes and look at the light. — Jennifer Donnelly

You are a ghost, Andi," she says. "Almost gone." I look at her. I want to say something but I can't get the words out. She squeezes my hands. "Come back to us," she says. And she's gone. — Jennifer Donnelly

One expects decent people to stand up for the good of all. Decent people shut their doors and hide behind them as decent people do. Massacres could never happen if it weren't for decent people. — Jennifer Donnelly

I was only glad to be saved and never once thought to ask why. — Jennifer Donnelly

Life Lessons by Jennifer Donnelly

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  1. Jennifer Donnelly's work emphasizes the importance of resilience and hope in the face of adversity.
  2. Through her stories, she encourages readers to find strength in their own unique experiences and to never give up on their dreams.
  3. Her writing also explores the power of friendship and how it can help us to overcome any obstacle.

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