Do not take the creative process personally. At every stage, you are going to feel like it's all falling apart, like the golden egg of truth in your brain is not manifesting on the page or on set or in the edit. But that panic, that loss, that pain - that is the process of creation. Let it hurt, drink some coffee and keep going.

— Jessie Kahnweiler

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Because I make films about eating disorders and sexual assault, people always come up to me and are like, "Are you okay?" like I'm a broken-down shell of a woman.


But being honest in my work and life has kind of set me free.

I'm so much more than my pain. Oh my god, I sound like my therapist! Call her, she can vouch that I'm doing great.


I want them [people] to feel open and comfortable to share the messy, dirty, shameful parts of themselves. Those are the parts I wanna see. And that eating disorders aren't just about "being thin."


It seemed impossible to make an appealing show about bulimia.

I mean, it's my story, and even I don't wanna watch that. Plus, everybody told me not to - I like a challenge.

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