Instead of bailing out Wall Street for the fourth time.. let's bail out the students.

— Jill Stein

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Pay attention America. Third party might not win it this year, but we could be seeing the shift away from a two party system unfolding.


Simply from greening our energy system and eliminating fossil fuel pollution, we get so much healthier that the savings in health care alone are enough to pay the costs of the green energy transition and would repay those costs in approximately a decade and a half in savings.


Moving to 100 percent renewable energy means we no longer need and can no longer justify wars for oil.


The corporate-powered parties are not gonna do it for us, not the greater or the lesser evil. We have to do it for ourselves. And the minute we stand up and stand together, we are unstoppable.


I think that equality needs to be broadened to include equal access to comprehensive healthcare, equal access to jobs, and equal rights in the workplace.


If we want to cure the things that threaten life, limb and even survival, we need to heal our sick political system. That is, not just to address our physical ailments, but the things that determine whether we're going to survive into the next century. That is war, climate change, poverty, etc. We've got to fix our politics.


In this country, we not only have a right to vote, we have a right to know who we can vote for.


The Obama administration has embraced the policies of George W.

Bush, and then gone much further. Wall Street bailouts went ballistic under Obama - $700 billion under Bush, but $4.5 trillion under Obama, plus another $16 trillion in zero-interest loans for Wall Street.


The Green New Deal is about creating economic security for everyone, and doing it quickly.


The Keystone pipeline will spew a massive amount of carbon pollution into our fragile atmosphere. It should be stopped.


As Frederick Douglas, the famous abolitionist, said: "power concedes nothing without a demand. It never has and it never will." You need the truth, and you also need a demand, and you need to bring that demand into the realm of electoral politics. If you don't do that, it's very hard to get such an entrenched machine to move.


I'm a medical doctor by training. I'm a physician, not a politician. And I'm in this as a mother on fire.


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Women do not have to embrace principles of imperialism, corporatism and militarism in order to be a feminist. There is another feminist choice, which is consistent with the broader principles of feminism.


The clock is ticking. It's time to stand up. Reject the lesser evil and that propaganda. Reject the lesser evil. Fight for the greater good like our lives depend on it, because they do. We're running out of time. It's time to stand up.


We call for cancelling student debt, for bailing out young people like Wall Street was bailed out to the tune of $16 trillion.


I have the unique liberty as part of the Green Party that operates on the same terms. We have the ability to actually speak for everyday Americans. We are not controlled by major donors, by the influence of big banks, by fossil fuel giants, by war profiteers or insurance companies.


The majority of American voters have rejected both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.


If ever there was a mobilizing energy, it is the millennial generation.

So we have the power to turn out and even to win this race. Not to split the vote but to flip the vote.


It's this mingling of the economic and political elite which is really destroying our democracy.


We have a system that's really founded on profit and on selling pharmaceuticals as opposed to keeping people healthy and then helping them get back to health.


Democratic Party elites have been caught red-handed, sabotaging a grassroots campaign that tried to bring huge numbers of young people, independents and non-voters into their party. Instead, they have shown exactly why America needs a new major party, a truly democratic party for the people.


We've seen a great deal of interest from the Occupy movement.

It's a diverse movement, not everyone embraces electoral politics, and no one can speak for Occupy.


In other words, "speaking truth" as a social movement may move you forward in some ways, but to really lock in and have real enduring change, it takes both a movement on the ground and an independent political party that is itself the defiance of that two-party corporate big-money control of politics.


We call for a welcoming path to citizenship, an end to police violence, and a transformed foreign policy based on international law and human rights - not based on these policies of regime change and economic and military domination.


The next Wall Street crash is just around the corner.

The meltdown of the climate is coming. The wolves are at the door, all kinds of them. We need to stand up and provide the solutions that are there, that are affordable.


New record majority of Americans dislike the two corporate front-runners [ Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton] . This is what Lesser Evil leads to. Enough.


In the words of Frederick Douglas, power concedes nothing without a demand;

it never has and it never will. We must be that demand. We are the ones we've been waiting for.


There are 43 million people who are locked into predatory student loan debt, from which there is no exit.


We're seeing the convergence of a big, corporate party right now.

A sort of bipartisan merger under the figure of Hillary Clinton.


The threshold by the Commission on Presidential Debates.

In the words of the League of Women Voters, they are a fraud being perpetrated on the American public.


The guy [Donald Trump] has a lot of problems - physical, mental, emotional, cognitive. You know, he comes with a whole lot of baggage, and I think it's pretty obvious.


Why not liberate voters to actually vote your values?


Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the most disliked and untrusted candidates for president in American history.


I think we really have to take a good, hard look at our system of corporate consolidated press. We need to break them up.


The specific trigger for me was when the President [Barack Obama] put Medicare and Social Security on the chopping block. Why I got into the race - it just seemed unconscionable that the Democrats were leading the charge.


It turns out we get so much healthier when we convert to a green energy economy that our health savings alone are enough to pay for the cost of the energy transition.


The recent AP poll that came out last month said that approximately 90% of the American people felt that the two-party system was failing us in the presidential election.


We have missiles - nuclear missiles - on hair-trigger alert.

We should be in the business of nuclear disarmament right now, which neither of these candidates [Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton] are talking about.


That's in part what the Green New Deal is designed to do.

So it's not only to address the climate emergency, but also to address the economic emergency, because the recovery has really gone to the top.


I'm a medical doctor by training. I'm a physician, not a politician. And I'm in this as a mother on fire. You could say, very concerned about our younger generation that does not have the jobs they need to get themselves out of the debt that they're in. And have the full weight of the climate crisis exploding on them - on their watch.


I think we have a very critical role to play, within the spectrum of international law and human rights.


I feel very sorry for people who are trapped in an abusive relationship and keep making excuses for their abuser.


When Pearl Harbor was bombed, you know, there was a whole lot of buy-in to a national mobilization. And 25% of the economy was transformed in six months. And we're not calling for six months, we're saying 15 years. That's about what we've got. And probably all that we've got.


He [Donald Trump] is gotten $4 billion worth of free media.

They launched his campaign. As I think the president of CBS said, you know, "He may be bad for America but he sure is good for my bottom line."


One of the great things about running with Ajamu Baraka is that we speak to all of America.


I think we need equal wages which are living wages.


She [Hillary Clinton] and Bill [Clinton] supported the NAFTA, the adoption of NAFTA that sent our jobs overseas, and they both supported Wall Street deregulation, which laid the groundwork for the disappearance of 9 million jobs and the theft of 5 million homes.


I affiliated with Physicians for Social Responsibility early on, and actually, their major thrust wasn't nearly as much around community health centers, although that was Jack Geiger's thing.


Twenty million jobs is what we call for in the Green New Deal, which is essentially a New Deal focused on greening the economy on an emergency basis. So it's 20 million jobs, which are mixed, private sector, nonprofits, government jobs where others will not do the job and will not create the employment.