I knew we were in for a long season when we lined up for the national anthem on opening day and one of my players said, 'Every time I hear that song I have a bad game.'

— Jim Leyland

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Still. Smokers out there, you know what I'm talking about. That moment, after you've had a huge meal, say at Thanksgiving, when you step outside in the cold, light up a cigarette and take a deep inhale ... that's about the best moment in the world, you know? All the smokers out there, you know that feeling. Sometimes, smoking is fantastic.


We need our veterans to set an example, like being the first ones there.

A veteran is entitled to a bigger paycheck, but not a special set of rules.


You don't lead by lip service, you lead by example.


We need to have preparation to win. A disciplined team will win more close games over a period of time.


He represented the Twins , but I think everyone in baseball felt like they were a teammate of Kirby Puckett.


When somebody talks about your career, most people are gonna talk about wins and losses, a World Series or pennants. But if somebody asked me how I would sum up my career I would say I had a unbelievable, fabulous career.


I'm second in doubles - double vodkas, double scotches.


It takes time to get the whole package. Freshmen can't be seniors.


It's well known that I interviewed with Philadelphia last winter, and I'd like to manage again.


You can't run a mule in the Kentucky Derby.


I learned this a long time ago. If you call a guy into your office and shut the door, if there’s media around, it sends up a red flag. I never wanted to embarrass a player.


Momentum is your next day's pitcher.


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My eight years in Detroit, obviously, were my most successful years managing.

I think that Pittsburgh and Detroit are probably very, very similar. We kinda rekindled the fire of baseball in Pittsburgh. We did the exact same thing in Detroit.


Barry Bonds was like Joe Namath or Muhammad Ali.

He could make a statement and go out and back it up. Not a lot of guys can do that. In fact, managers usually cringe when guys make statements about what they're going to do. In Barry's case, I liked it. I think he did it on purpose to motivate himself. In a lot of ways, it's easy for Barry. I think he needs a little controversy around him.


If anybody says they get used to it, you don't.


When it’s time, it’s time … and it’s time.


I had 11 years of managerial experience and four years of coaching before I managed a big-league team. To me, it was important, because I learned a lot through trial and error. And it's tough to have to go through trial and error when you're a big-league manager.


You're not always going to be at your best, but it better be the best you've got that day.


I've managed 25 years, and I can probably count on one hand players that I didn't really care for, and that's probably thousands of players that I've managed. I think that's pretty good. I love the players and I always will.

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