We will continue to go out onto the streets and to protest, and actively encourage the public to support us in our campaign for free education.

— Joe Hockey

The most delightful Joe Hockey quotes you will be delighted to read

The poorest people either don't have cars or actually don't drive very far in many cases.


I will never ever support a people swap where you can send a 13 year old child, unaccompanied to a country without supervision. Never, it'll be over my dead body. How dare they.


I find those wind turbines around Lake George to be utterly offensive.

I think they're just a blight on the landscape.


Fiscal policy, monetary policy, they need to work together to try and raise the level of growth.


Everyone is a buyer, everyone's a potential purchaser and everyone's a potential vendor.


It is not the role of government to use the taxation and welfare system as a tool to level the playing field.


In fact, in Parliament, I pointed out that Australians on average incomes would move into the second highest tax bracket in the next couple of years. That is going to slow down the Australian economy. It's bad for households.


I'm not going to count the dollars before they've come in.


No matter what happens in the future, whether it is a Labor government or a Coalition government, whoever is in government is going to have to fix the budget.


I'm not as bearish as many others about China.

Why? Because China must grow. So I am far more optimistic about China.


As Australians, we must not leave our children worse off. That’s not fair. That is not our way.