There is a diverse meaning to the lyrics as well. A lot of the stuff I write is from a personal level but is not really anything that I care about if people get or not so I write alot of the stuff as metaphors based in Viking mythology and Viking History which is sort of my main interest in life and sort of my main atmosphere in life.

— Johan Hegg

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At least here in Stockholm if you go out to any of our 4 metal clubs and talk to ten guys you can be sure nine of them play in a band! The bad thing is there is no underground movement here anymore. Going to a show with local band's ten years ago would mean at least 300 people, now you can be lucky if 50 shows up!


I noticed that the crowds in the US seem to do a lot more moshing than European fans. But it's also different from venue to venue and really hard to say.


I think that's an important part about being in a band, to be able to stand for what you do throughout the whole thing.


I go to my parents' over Christmas. I definitely do, but I don't see it as a Christmas because during Christmas there was also a Viking holiday. So I just to choose to see it as that!