I can't compare quarterbacks as apples and oranges in my mind because everybody's in a different system.

— John Elway

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It's all about putting the best team together - not just in the front office but the players on the field.


When things go bad, it's easy to point fingers.

People who attempt to switch the blame are afraid to fail. We've all been afraid to fail before a game, but it shouldn't stop us from continuing, and from doing what we have to do to get the job done.


If you ask what's been my secret of success, most might say it's my God-given athletic ability to throw a football. While talent is important, it's not necessarily the most important thing. Thousands of talented people fail every day. My strength has been my will to win-that competitive fire inside.


I've experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows.

I think to really appreciate anything you have to be at both ends of the spectrum.


In the long run, the cream always rises and the crap always sinks.


A lot of times the expectations of you are so high that no matter what you do you are never going to be able to live up to those expectations. So you better go out and do the best you can and enjoy it.


Being thrown into the fire and getting the thing turned around in a hurry made it more difficult. Things have been done the hard way. I think you learn better when things are done the hard way.


There are a lot of people who might not get another chance to win a Super Bowl, not just me.


I normally run the 40-yard dash in 4.9, but when a 280-pound guy is chasing me, I run it in 4.6.


You always want to have good balance.

Thats the key to winning a Super Bowl. You look at the teams who have won championships, you got to have balance. So, to be able to run the ball effectively and throw the ball effectively is what gives you the chance to win a world championship.


I don't have any pangs to where I want to be with the Broncos.


A guy as great as Brett Favre has been for the length of time he's been, you would hope that he would be able to leave the game with a positive flavor in his mouth.


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I'm happy with the Arena Football League right now. I'm happy in Denver.


I had a great time doing Vegas. It's just that it takes a lot of time.


I don't know if I like being the sentimental favorite.


Reaching 50, I've started to conjure up thoughts of my own mortality.


I'm getting the basics with the AFL, but the NFL is a different animal.


You learn a lot more from the lows because it makes you pay attention to what you're doing.


I think the thing that he wants even more that would solidify his position would be a couple championships. Hopefully we can get that done. Peyton Manning is already in the conversation of the greatest player to ever play and if he wins one or two more, he probably ends up being the greatest quarterback to ever play the game.


I've always joked about Joe Montana not appreciating his Super Bowls nearly as much as I do because he never lost one. We lost three before we got one.


I would hope this experience would help me if that NFL opportunity were to arise. But I also know that it's a totally different league. There's a lot more to it.


As football players you have all the experience on the field.

You don't have the experience off the field.


How ironic, to be my last game that I ever played would be against Dan in a Super Bowl. The thing I always was afraid of was playing in a Super Bowl when it was raining. I can't throw a wet ball.


I look at my career and it's still hard for me to believe the way things turned out and how things happened. I've been so blessed.


We get done with the game, and it's an absolute downpour 30 minutes later.

That's when I thought God was telling me that's enough-time for you to go do something else.


I was so lucky to walk away with two Super Bowls and know that the last year was positive.


I always believe there's a reason why you go through everything.


The Arena League is the best thing that could have happened to me because I get to run the whole process. I'm seeing not only the football side but the business side.


There's always an asterisk behind somebody's name who hasn't won the Super Bowl.

There shouldn't be, but that's kind of the way history works.


I'm watching the Weather Channel more than I've ever watched it.

I'm scared to death it's going to rain.


There have been openings, but I have not interviewed for any jobs, nor do I want to right now.


I would have loved to have played for Joe Gibbs. Look at his record of winning three Super Bowls.


It's really been a better situation for me being with the Crush than it would if I were with the Broncos because this has given me a lot more broad range.