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  1. The most important questions in life can never be answered by anyone except oneself.
  2. There comes a time in each life like a point of fulcrum. At that time you must accept yourself. It is not anymore what you will become. It is what you are and always will be.
  3. The pronoun is one of the most terrifying masks man has invented.
  4. In some mysterious way woods have never seemed to me to be static things. In physical terms, I move through them; yet in metaphysical ones, they seem to move through me.
  5. There are many reasons why novelists write, but they all have one thing in common - a need to create an alternative world.
  6. In essence the Renaissance was simply the green end of one of civilization's hardest winters.
  7. Always we try to put the wild in a cage.
  8. We talked for hours. He talked and I listened. It was like wind and sunlight. It blew all the cobwebs away.
  9. I love making, I love doing. I love being to the full, I love everything which is not sitting and watching and copying and dead at heart.
  10. We all write poems; it is simply that poets are the ones who write in words.

John Fowles Short Quotes

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  • Duty largely consists of pretending that the trivial is critical.
  • The supposed great misery of our century is the lack of time.
  • He was one of the most supremely stupid men I have ever met. He taught me a great deal.
  • ...all cynicism masks a failure to cope.
  • Whole sight; or all the rest is desolation.
  • Adulthood is not an age, but a stage of knowledge of self.
  • Science disembodies; art embodies.
  • How can one build a better self unless on the ruins of the old?
  • Art is a statement of one in the face of all; not a statement by one for the use of all.
  • Our accepting what we are must always inhibit our being what we ought to be.

John Fowles Quotes On Love

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Do you know that every great thing in the history of art and every beautiful thing in life is actually what you call nasty or has been caused by feelings that you would call nasty? By passion, by love, by hatred, by truth. Do you know that? — John Fowles

I read and I read; and I was like a medieval king, I had fallen in love with the picture long before I saw the reality. — John Fowles

Love is the mystery between two people, not the identity. — John Fowles

The dead live." "How do they live?" "By love. — John Fowles

The battle was over. Our casualties were some thirteen thousand killed--thirteen thousand minds, memories, loves, sensations, worlds, universes--because the human mind is more a universe than the universe itself--and all for a few hundred yards of useless mud. — John Fowles

Men love war because it allows them to look serious. Because it is the one thing that stops women laughing at them. — John Fowles

If you forget everything else about me, please remember this. I walked down that street and I never looked back and I love you. I love you. I love you so much that I shall hate you for ever for today. — John Fowles

Just those three words, said and meant. I love you. They were quite hopeless. He said it as he might have said, I have cancer. His fairy story. — John Fowles

John Fowles Quotes On Nature

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But I think the most harmful change brought about by Victorian science in our attitude to nature lies in the demand that our relation with it must be purposive, industrious, always seeking greater knowledge. — John Fowles

Because a star explodes and a thousand worlds like ours die, we know this world is. That is the smile: that what might not be, is. — John Fowles

Evolution did not intend trees to grow singly. Far more than ourselves they are social creatures, and no more natural as isolated specimens than man is as a marooned sailor or hermit. — John Fowles

John Fowles Quotes On World

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All novelists should live in two different worlds: a real one and an unreal one. — John Fowles

He knew the world and its absurdities as only an intelligent Irishman can; which is to say that where his knowledge or memory failed him, his imagination was always ready to fill the gap. — John Fowles

There cannot be any true leisure until all the world possesses it equally. — John Fowles

My hatred of crowds, the obviousness of crowds, of anything en masse. Is this why I like little-known books? A general desire to escape the main world. — John Fowles

The world began in hazard and will end in it. — John Fowles

He felt himself in suspension between the two worlds, the warm, neat civilization behind his back, the cool, dark mystery outside. We all write poems; it is simply that poets are the ones who write in words. — John Fowles

John Fowles Quotes On Write

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We all write poems. It is simply that poets are the ones who write in words. — John Fowles

Like all mystics (and many novelists, not least the present one) he is baffled, a child, before the real now; far happier out of it, in a narrative past or a prophetic future, locked inside that weird tence grammar does not allow, the imaginary present. — John Fowles

The diary will really try and tell people who you are and what you were. The alternative is writing nothing, or creating a totally lifeless, as it is leafless, garden. — John Fowles

To write poetry and to commit suicide, apparently so contradictory, had really been the same, attempts at escape. — John Fowles

John Fowles Quotes On Life

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Content is a word unknown to life; it is also a word unknown to man. — John Fowles

If you want to be true to life, start lying about it — John Fowles

Only fools think our attitude to our fellow men is a thing distinct from our attitude to 'lesser' life on this planet. — John Fowles

I am going to explain to you why we went to war. Why mankind always goes to war. It is not social or political. It is not countries that go to war, but men. It is like salt. Once one has been to war, one has salt for the rest of one's life. Do you understand? — John Fowles

That's the trouble with provincial life. Everyone knows everyone and there is no mystery. No romance. — John Fowles

Think. In a minute from now you could be saying, I risked death. I threw for life, and I won life. It is a very wonderful feeling. To have survived. — John Fowles

John Fowles Famous Quotes And Sayings

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Another reason I think the novel will survive is that the reader has to work in a novel. In a film, you are presented with someone else's imagination exactly bodied out. The marvelous thing about a novel is that every reader will imagine even the very simplest sentence slightly differently. — John Fowles

People knew less of each other, perhaps, but they felt more free of each other, and so were more individual. The entire world was not for them only a push or a switch away. Strangers were strange, and sometimes with an exciting, beautiful strangeness. It may be better for humanity that we should communicate more and more. — John Fowles

I hate the uneducated and the ignorant. I hate the pompous and the phoney. I hate the jealous and the resentful. I hate the crabbed and mean and the petty. I hate all ordinary dull little people who aren't ashamed of being dull and little. — John Fowles

Baseball and cricket are beautiful and highly stylized medieval war substitutes, chess made flesh, a mixture of proud chivalry and base-in both senses-greed. — John Fowles

Each age, each guilty age, builds high walls around its Versailles; and personally I hate those walls most when they are made by literature and art. — John Fowles

That is the great distinction between the sexes. Men see objects, women seetherelationship between objects? It is an extra dimension of feeling which we men are without and one that makes war abhorrent to all real women?and absurd. — John Fowles

I don't think the English like me. I sold a colossal best seller in America, and they never really forgave me. — John Fowles

That is the great distinction between the sexes. Men see objects, women see the relationships between objects. — John Fowles

I am talking about the general psychological health of the species, man. He needs the existence of mysteries. Not their solution. — John Fowles

I was too green to know that all cynicism masks a failure to cope - an impotence, in short; and that to despise all effort is the greatest effort of all. — John Fowles

The more abhorrent a news item the more comforting it was to be the recipient, since the fact that it had happened elsewhere proved that it had not happened here, was not happening here, and would therefore never happen here. — John Fowles

The bowed head, the buried face. She is silent, she will never speak, never forgive, never reach a hand, never leave this frozen present tense. All waits, suspended. Suspended the autumn trees, the autumn sky, anonymous people. A blackbird, poor fool, sings out of season from the willows by the lake. A flight of pigeons over the houses; fragments of freedom, hazard, an anagram made flesh. And somewhere the stinging smell of burning leaves. — John Fowles

The power of women! I've never felt so full of mysterious power. Men are a joke. We're so weak physically, so helpless with things. Still, even today. But we're stronger than they are. We can stand their cruelty. They can't stand ours. — John Fowles

I do not plan my fiction any more than I normally plan woodland walks; I follow the path that seems most promising at any given point, not some itinerary decided before entry. — John Fowles

Which are you drinking? The water or the wave? — John Fowles

It is only when our characters and events begin to disobey us that they begin to live. — John Fowles

He is solid; immovable, iron-willed. He showed me one day his killing bottle. I'm imprisoned in it. Fluttering against the glass. Because I can see through it I still think I can escape. I have hope. But it's all an illusion. A thick round wall of glass. — John Fowles

The craving to risk death is our last great perversion. We come from night, we go into night. Why live in night? — John Fowles

The human race is unimportant. It is the self that must not be betrayed.' 'I suppose one could say that Hitler didn't betray his self.' He turned. 'You are right. He did not. But millions of Germans did betray their selves. That was the tragedy.' — John Fowles

It was too exactly as imagined to be true. But I felt as gladly and expectantly disorientated, as happily and alertly alone, as Alice in Wonderland. — John Fowles

All pasts are like poems; one can derive a thousand things, but not live in them. — John Fowles

On the whole, dialogue is the most difficult thing, without any doubt. It's very difficult, unfortunately. You have to detach yourself from the notion of a lifelike quality. You see, actually lifelike, tape-recorded dialogue like this has very little to do with good novel dialogue. It's a matter of getting that awful tyranny of mimesis out of your mind, which is difficult. — John Fowles

I am infinitely strange to myself. — John Fowles

You're not me. You can't feel like I feel." "I can feel." "No you can't. You just choose not to feel or something and everything's fine." "It's not fine. It's just not so bad. — John Fowles

The American myth is of free will in its simple, primary sense. One can choose oneself and will oneself; and this absurdly optimistic assumption so dominates the republic that it has bred all its gross social injustices. — John Fowles

To despise all effort is the greatest effort of all. — John Fowles

We chase the reward, we get the reward and then we discover that the true reward is always the next reward. Buying pleasure is a false end. — John Fowles

Between skin and skin, there is only light. — John Fowles

The absurdly neurotic role you and the rest of your kind have always attributed to me Erato, the Goddess Muse of Erotic Poetry bears no relation at all to reality. As a matter of fact, I was trained as a clinical psychologist. Who simply happens to have specialized in the mental illness that you, in your ignorance, call literature. — John Fowles

I must fight with my weapons. Not his. Not selfishness and brutality and shame and resentment. — John Fowles

Whatever sympathy I feel towards religions, whatever admiration for some of their adherents, whatever historical or biological necessity I see in them, whatever metaphorical truth, I cannot accept them as credible explanations of reality; and they are incredible to me in proportion to the degree that they require my belief in positive human attributes and intervenient powers in their divinities. — John Fowles

The best wines take the longest to mature. — John Fowles

She's always looking for poetry and passion and sensitivity, the whole Romantic kitchen. I live on a rather simpler diet.' 'Prose and pudding?''I don't expect attractive men necessarily to have attractive souls. — John Fowles

There is only one good definition of God: the freedom that allows other freedoms to exist. — John Fowles

The ordinary man is the curse of civilization. — John Fowles

Being an atheist is a matter not of moral choice, but of human obligation. — John Fowles

The privileges of knowledge have to be bought at the cost of the consolations of ignorance. — John Fowles

Ask me to marry you." "Will you marry me?" "No. — John Fowles

You wish to be liked. I wish simply to be. One day you will know what that means, perhaps. And you will smile. Not against me. But with me. — John Fowles

Liking other people is an illusion we have to cherish in ourselves if we are to live in society. — John Fowles

An aphorism is a generalization, therefore not modern. — John Fowles

Stained glass, engraved glass, frosted glass; give me plain glass. — John Fowles

It came to me…that I didn’t want to be anywhere else in the world at that moment, that what I was feeling at that moment justified all I had been through, because all I had been through was my being there. I was experiencing…a new self-acceptance, a sense that I had to be this mind and this body, its vices and its virtues, and that I had no other chance or choice. — John Fowles

His statement to himself should have been, 'I possess this now, therefore I am happy', instead of what it so Victorianly was: "I cannot possess this for ever, and therefore am sad." — John Fowles

Though I like the various forms of football in the world, I don't think they begin to compare with these two great Anglo-Saxon ball games for sophisticated elegance and symbolism. Baseball and cricket are beautiful and highly stylized medieval war substitutes, chess made flesh, a mixture of proud chivalry and base - in both senses - greed. With football we are back to the monotonous clashing armor of the brontosaurus. — John Fowles

Wealth is a monster. It takes a month to learn to control it financially. And many years to learn to control it psychologically. — John Fowles

When you draw something it lives and when you photograph it it dies — John Fowles

They looked down on her; and she looked up through them. — John Fowles

You must make, always. You must act, if you believe something. Talking about acting is like boasting about pictures you're going to paint. The most terrible bad form. — John Fowles

Duty is but a pot. It holds whatever is put in it, from the greatest evil to the greatest good. — John Fowles

If anything might hurt her, silence would; and I wanted to hurt her. — John Fowles

I think it is interesting that we have come back to star- and space ships. Jet will do for a transport shorthand; yet when man really reaches, across the vast seas of space, he still reaches in ships. — John Fowles

People who teach you cram old ideas, old views, old ways, into you. Like covering plants with layer after layer of old earth; it's no wonder the poor things so rarely come up fresh and green. — John Fowles

If a person is intelligent, then of course he is either an agnostic or an atheist. Just as he is a physical coward. They are automatic definitions of high intelligence. — John Fowles

It is not only species of animal that die out, but whole species of feeling. And if you are wise you will never pity the past for what it did not know, but pity yourself for what it did. — John Fowles

Only one same reason is shared by all of us: we wish to create worlds as real as, but other than the world that is. Or was. This is why we cannot plan. We know a world is an organism, not a machine. We also know that a genuinely created world must be independent of its creator; a planned world (a world that fully reveals its planning) is a dead world. It is only when our characters and events begin to disobey us that they begin to live. — John Fowles

But however good you get at translating personality into line or paint it's no go if your personality isn't worth translating. — John Fowles

I have a strange illusion quite often. I think I've become deaf. I have to make a little noise to prove I'm not. I clear my throat to show myself that everything is normal. It's like the little Japanese girl they found in the ruins of Hiroshima. Everything dead; and she was singing to her doll. — John Fowles

There is no plan. All is hazard. And the only thing that will preserve us is ourselves. — John Fowles

Hazard has conditioned us to live in hazard. All our pleasures are dependent on it. Even though I arrange for a pleasure, and look forward to it, my eventual enjoyment of it is still a matter of hazard. Wherever time passes, there is hazard. — John Fowles

I just think of things as beautiful or not. Can't you understand? I don't think of good or bad. Just of beautiful or ugly. I think a lot of nice things are ugly and a lot of nasty things are beautiful. — John Fowles

Greece is like a mirror. It makes you suffer. Then you learn.' To live alone?' To live. With what you are. — John Fowles

We can sometimes recognize the looks of a century ago on a modern face; but never those of a century to come. — John Fowles

Death is the room that is always empty. — John Fowles

They're beautiful. But sad.' Everything's sad if you make it so, I said. — John Fowles

One of the great fallacies of our time is that the Nazis rose to power because they imposed order on chaos. Precisely the opposite is true — John Fowles

Medieval theologians used to dispute how the angels in the heaven spent their time, when not balancing on needle points and singing anthems to the Lord. I know. They slump glued to their clouds, glasses at the ready, as the Archangel Micheal (that well-known slasher) and stonewalling St Peter open against the Devils XI. It could not be Heaven, otherwise. — John Fowles

We all want things we can't have. Being a decent human being is accepting that. — John Fowles

I will tell you what war is. War is a psychosis caused by an inability to see relationships. Our relationship with our fellowmen. Our relationship with our economic and historical situation. And above all our relationship to nothingness, to death. — John Fowles

Piers is always going on about how he hated Stowe. As if that solves everything, as if to hate something means it can't have affected you. — John Fowles

You come to the United States not knowing what to expect. Then all your worst prejudices are confirmed. — John Fowles

Life Lessons by John Fowles

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  1. John Fowles teaches us that life is unpredictable and that we should never take anything for granted. He encourages us to embrace the unknown and to accept that life is full of surprises.
  2. He also teaches us to be open-minded and to question the status quo, to think for ourselves and to never be afraid to challenge the accepted narrative.
  3. Finally, Fowles reminds us that life is precious and that we should make the most of every moment and never take our freedom for granted.

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