Quotes by British Clergyman John Henry Newman

To live is to change, and to be perfect is to have changed often. John Henry Newman

Growth is the only evidence of life. John Henry Newman

Ability hits the mark where presumption overshoots and diffidence falls short. John Henry Newman

I sought to hear the voice of God and climbed the topmost steeple, but God declared: Go down again - I dwell among the people. John Henry Newman
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A man would do nothing if he waited until he could do it so well that no one could find fault. John Henry Newman

Let us take things as we find them: let us not attempt to distort them into what they are not... We cannot make facts. All our wishing cannot change them. We must use them. John Henry Newman

If then the power of speech is as great as any that can be named, John Henry Newman

The love of our private friends is the only preparatory exercise for the love of all men. John Henry Newman

A great memory is never made synonymous with wisdom, any more than a dictionary would be called a treatise. John Henry Newman

To holy people the very name of Jesus is a name to feed upon, a name to transport. His name can raise the dead and transfigure and beautify the living. John Henry Newman

It is almost a definition of a gentleman to say that he is one who never inflicts pain. John Henry Newman

There is in stillness oft a magic powerTo calm the breast when struggling passions lower,Touched by its influence, in the soul ariseDiviner feelings, kindred with the skies. John Henry Newman

Fear not that thy life shall come to an end, but rather that it shall ever have a beginning. John Henry Newman

A great memory does not make a mind, any more than a dictionary is a piece of literature. John Henry Newman

We can believe what we choose. We are answerable for what we choose to believe. John Henry Newman

There is such a thing as legitimate warfare: war has its laws; there are things which may fairly be done, and things which may not be done. John Henry Newman
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Calculation never made a hero. John Henry Newman

In this world no one rules by love; if you are but amiable, you are no hero; to be powerful, you must be strong, and to have dominion you must have a genius for organizing. John Henry Newman

Evil has no substance of its own, but is only the defect, excess, perversion, or corruption of that which has substance. John Henry Newman

Cease, stranger, cease those witching notes, The art of syren choirs; Hush the seductive voice that floats Across the trembling wires. Music's ethereal power was given Not to dissolve our clay, But draw Promethean beams from heaven To purge the dross away. John Henry Newman

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